Great Guns signed director Andzej Gavriss

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Great Guns signed director Andzej Gavriss to its roster, where he will be represented globally by Great Guns. Originally hailing from Riga, Latvia, the young director and writer has already cultivated a strong body of work that showcases his incredible appetite for experimental filmmaking. Gavriss’ distinctly stylized portfolio combines beautifully crafted shots with storytelling that packs a punch.

A multi-talented and hands-on director, Gavriss’ rich background in editing, cinematography, and grading equips him with a sharp eye for visuals – while his mastery of lighting is informed by his set-building experience. A keen traveler and tri-lingual in English, Russian, and Latvian, Gavriss takes inspiration from his international adventures – enriching his creative approach by weaving these eclectic experiences into enticing narratives.

His signing comes off the back of a recent nomination at the Berlin Music Video Awards. Gavriss’ short film, ‘1190’, follows a young woman on a dark journey to find her lost home and identity. Inspired by his personal experiences backpacking and staying in a capsule hotel, Gavriss and his team navigated the challenges of shooting in Moscow, Bangkok, and several Thai islands for the project. The Latvian native also shot a shorter music video version of ‘1190’ for Samsung and St. Petersburg-based electronic duo Aigel. Gavriss’ curiosity for the film-making process drove him to challenge himself to achieve his vision using a Samsung Galaxy Note – to stunning results.

Commenting on the signing, Great Guns’ Founder and CEO Laura Gregory says:

When you see the work of a potential director, the next step is to meet the person behind the work.  Andzej and Julija his wife (producer and art director), arrived in London, complete with a list of their favourite movies, TV shows, top music videos and scripts for Andzej’s upcoming music video and short film. When they discovered that two of the music videos on their list, for Rudimental and Chase & Status, were produced by Great Guns EP, Tim Francis, it made for an exciting first meeting.

Andzej Gavriss comments:

I’m incredibly excited to join Great Guns and to take on new creative experiences this year. Challenging myself with ever more complex projects and pushing the limits of my style has always been something I’ve enjoyed. I was after more than just representation. I was looking for people who truly share my ideas, vision and passion for what I do – and I’ve found them in Great Guns.