Nivea Men and FCB Bucharest created the first bearded men calendar in Romania

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Nivea Men launched the first calendar dedicated to bearded men that became a perfect surprise for the women as well. The calendar was created following a PR and digital campaign that debuted in 2017 at the same time as the launch of the first oil for beard from Nivea Men that offered the men a special caring formula for their beard.

The first step of the campaign was the recruiting of 12 bearded men under the hashtag #barbosiwanted. For the men that wore their beard proudly, Nivea Men launched a Facebook page, through a content for the best taken care of beards. The contest was launched by sending the beard oil to be tested by bloggers and influencers, alongside the brochure ”Despre viata cu barba si alte nebunii” (About the life with a beard and other crazy things). It was also amplified through special projects with Laszlo Nagy (Stil masculin) and Marian Ionescu (, but also through contests in the communities Hai să cunosti un bărbos and

 To <<grow your beard>> is hard, especially if you are in the top of the shaving brands. When I understood this it was obvious also all the work behind a good looking beard. Therefore we proposed the Nivea Men team to offer the bearded men a like for the effort and look and their own calendar”, said Olivia Spanu (senior copywriter) and Viorel Holovaci (senior art director, FCB Bucharest).

The thought behind the camera was supported by the challenge of launching a beard oil knowing that Nivea Men has been making itself known during the time in the area of products for and after shaving. The launch of the first beard oil from Nivea Men was the perfect context for creating the bearded men calendar and, why not, a start for other launches of products dedicated to taking care of the beard,” said Claudia Pop (brand manager Nivea Men).

 The contest took place in the period November – December 2017 and over 1.000 bearded men posted on the Facebook NIVEA MEN Romania page their best picture of them and their beard, using #barbosiwanted and #NIVEAMEN. The contest was juried by specialists from the barbershop Foarfeca si Briciul, the two campaign endorsers Marian Ionescu and Laszlo Nagy and a Nivea Men representative. The jury was interested of the following criteria: the look of the beard, the contestant’s attitude and the image originality. The winner became the image of a month in 2018.

The professional photo shooting was realized by the famous photographer Alex Galmeanu, while the beards’ styling was offered by the partner Foarfeca si briciul.

The digital and media components of the campaign were implemented with the support of Republika and WAVEMAKER.

The teams being part of the project were:

Beiersdorf Romania:  Carmen Pavel – marketing manager, Claudia Pop –brand manager

FCB Bucharest: Claudiu Dobrita – creative director, Olivia Spanu – senior copywriter, Viorel Holovaci – senior art director, Florin Ciobanu – head of digital, Alina Stefan – PR director, Irina Dumineca – PR manager, Alexandra Carabusi – Junior PR executive, Andreea Carciumaru – account director, Vlad Crisu – DTP manager, Gabriela Pricop – production manager, Ionut Stan – production executive.