BCR and Viral Studios launch the first financial education show on YouTube

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BCR continues the role of Romania’s financial educator and brings the project Scoala de Bani (The Money School) at the next level: the financial curiosities meet the video format in the first show of financial learning in the Romanian vlogosphere. The show „Scoala de Bani” is created by Viral Studios and presented by one of the coolest content creators of the moment: Horia Sarghi, also known as “Zaiafet”.

BCR’s studies show that money become a way of supporting a life vision and in the Romanians’ behavior is remarked a strong orientation towards financial planning and stability. Although important, these needs are not sufficiently covered. Romanians learn how to administrate their budget from intuition and others’ experience, don’t know to whom to ask for financial advice and in whom to trust. Planning a budget is an unknown aspect for 78 percent of the population.

Moreover, according to a research about New Trends in Education, done by Ctrl-D, Romanians would want a more complex curriculum. The young adults place the financial education in the top of their interest, alongside the personal development, social and sexual education. The young self-taught population preferred source of information is the Internet, with a huge proportion run by YouTube (65 percent). Vlogs represent their favorite learning tool, 82.6 percent of the young people interviewed watching videos with the purpose of learning or deepen their knowledge.

In this context, BCR and the founder of Viral Studios, Mikey Hash, took the decision of extending the bank’s financial education project on the YouTube platform. The show „Scoala de Bani“ proposes to be the accessible alternative for unlimited number of interested people in knowing the basics of the financial notions, to understand and to better plan their financial life.

We are conscious of the power that the Internet has in Romania and of the huge responsibility that us, Viral Studios, and his affiliates have over the public that is watching us. This thing frightens us and makes us responsible at the same time. We feel that the work that we do puts us in the privilege position of forming the minds of the new generations and of actively contributing to the Romanian’s education and general culture and ,as we all know, awe need a great deal of education in Romania, especially on the financial side. Therefore, alongside BCR, we’ve put the basis of an online show that treats exactly this subject. From handling the money to credits, savings and investments, we want to debate them all and to offer the young people the necessary tools in order to take the best life decisions,” said Mikey Hash, Viral Studios.

The show “Scoala de Bani“ is presented by Zaiafet and published on Viral Studios’ freshest channel – Gandaceii de Internet. The episodes’ format is info-educational, weekly and it doesn’t pass over 6 minutes’ each. The first episode debuted this week and explains how credits are given.