ROADS: Romanian online ad market – up 15% in H1 2017 compared to same period previous year

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The most recent edition of ROADS, study made by IAB Romania and PwC Romania, shows that the total reported value of the online ad market in Romania, in H1 2017, was of around €20.3M, up 15% compared to the similar period in 2016.

The Programmatic advertising represents 19% from the total budgets in H1 2017, while mobile represented 42%.

Most used ad format continues to be Display embedded (embedded in content or non-intrusive), together with Display Social Media and advertising on search engines; the 3 formats represented 53% of the total value of the digital ad market.

The share attracted by intrusive and video formats was of 17% from the total budgets ran in H1 2017 compared to 13% in H1 2016.

As references per industry, there is a significant growth of budgets from advertisers from industries like Food (+52%), Financial posts a slight growth (+8%), while Telecom maintains the same budgets (+1%).

Ad sectors decreasing their investments in H1 2017 were Cosmetics & toiletries (-15%), Personal Hygiene (-24%), Online retail (+2%) and Auto-Moto (+4%), while budgets increases were posted by Entertainment & the media (+49%), Household appliances (+62%) and Retail (+84%).

The total reported value of ROADS is based on info provided by local publishers and media agencies.