Wunderman Antwerp puts original twist on Japanese tattoos to promote Japanese restaurant

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A Japanese restaurant in Antwerp offers people free tattoos. And they are actually tasteful. At first sight the tattoos look like any other Japanese tattoo but there is one big difference. The tattoos don’t translate as ‘hope’, ‘courage’ or ‘love’. Instead they have a meaning that is really worth something such as Crispy Duck Salad, Sashimi of Sea Bass or another dish of the menu. Because apart from the ink, those who have the name of a dish immortalized on their skin also get their meal for free at Dim Dining.

Dim Dining is an exclusive restaurant based in Antwerp, Belgium. Young chef Dimitri Proost serves Japanese food with a Western twist.

We wanted an idea that has the same sense of duality as used in the kitchen (…) Nobody in Belgium understands Japanese, so the meaning of Japanese tattoos is totally replaceable. That’s why we decided to turn them into a funny promotion.

Pieter Staes,

Creative Director Wunderman Antwerp

The agency turned 19 dishes, including starters, main courses and desserts, into Japanese tattoos.

Tasteful Tattoos look the same as any other Japanese Kanji tattoo, but they just have a surprising meaning and an interesting story behind them (…) Every dish is available in six different styles going from traditional to Manga. There’s even a calligraphic style that was handmade in Japan.

Sebastien Greffe

Design Director Wunderman Antwerp.

The idea is introduced in an online video that shows six people getting a Tasteful Tattoo. Next to that, screen-printed posters and a tattoo menu that was bookbinded by hand and by Japanese tradition were made to spread the message inside the restaurant. People who want a tattoo can register on the website of Dim Dining. Dimitri will then select the winners who will get inked at Glorybound, a renowned tattoo shop in Antwerp. Afterwards, they are welcome at Dim Dining to enjoy the meaning of their tattoo.


Client: Dim Dining

Contact: Dimitri Proost

Agency: Wunderman Antwerp

  • Account: Evelien De Lint, Charlotte Jaros
  • Creative Directors: Pieter Staes, Manuel Ostyn
  • Creation: Cedric Trefois, Tomas Van Loon
  • Design Director: Sebastien Greffe
  • Design: Sebastien Greffe, Inge Vanhees, Charlotte Slegers
  • Calligraphy Artist: Misato Hazu

PR: The Wicked

Agency Producer: Caroline Van Ranst

Production Agency: Shoot the Artist

Director: Bjorn Tagemose

Music: Fresco