Media iQ becomes MiQ and repositions to become leading marketing intelligence company

Branding, Business

Media iQ launched recently its new brand identity, MiQ, repositioning itself as the leading global Marketing Intelligence company.

MiQ is one of the first companies in the media and marketing industry to fully adopt Marketing Intelligence as its core business strategy. Marketing Intelligence connects marketing to business outcomes by turning siloed, unstructured data into meaningful action that fuels brand strategy.

Rebecca Mahony, Chief Marketing Officer MiQ:

This new position will help re-imagine the value of marketing and put the CMO at the center of decision making within business. Data is one of the most important currencies a brand has access to and is essential for businesses growth. This new currency requires a new position for MiQ, which is why it is time for us to reposition as the leading marketing intelligence company. We will be the company that connects all the data dots and offers businesses actionable insights, whether that’s across our media offering, analytical solutions or tech platform, that result in transformative business decisions

MiQ will be solving this ‘how to use’ Marketing Intelligence issue by applying human ingenuity at the center of its strategy, along with its technology that provides customers with the tools to gain smarter insights and make successful decisions. This intersection of big data, artificial intelligence, human ingenuity and real-world experiences is a core differentiator from its competitors’ offerings and is why MiQ is leading the way in Marketing Intelligence.

MiQ began in London in 2010, when co-founders Lee Puri and Gurman Hundal saw a need for technology that would translate data into insight. They expanded into the US in 2014 and increased YOY revenue by 218% in 2015, while also increasing EBITDA margins. Through their proprietary platform, AiQ, they have built a marketing intelligence machine. The platform collects, unifies, and enriches data from multiple sources and converts this data into actionable insights. Earlier this year, MiQ was ranked No.4 in the Sunday Times Track 200 fastest growing International UK Companies, and last year received investment from ECI partners as the company continues to grow globally.

Puri and Hundal built MiQ based on the idea that ‘it is your people who build your product and it is your people who sell your product, so your people are your business.’ The company possesses some of the most sought-after skill sets in the technology industry and maintains a 95% employee retention rate.

Gurman Hundal, Co-founder and CEO MiQ:

Since Lee and I founded MiQ in 2010, we have always put the company culture at its heart. We pride ourselves on our people. This is why, despite the technology and increased importance of data to drive forward the future of marketing, it is also important to have great people. It is the people and technology that help businesses win, and we will retain this vision as we move into a new era.

MiQ is an independent marketing intelligence company with the people and technology that help businesses win. It is our vision to reimagine the value of marketing by connecting data and discovering insight to drive business outcomes.