Mestiça created Hate Filter, transforming online hate speech into informative and relevant content

Advertising, Digital & Media

Mestiça and FRAM, a brand of automotive filters that has been eliminating toxic substances for 85 years, have launched the action Hate Filter – a tool that blocks hate speech on the internet, transforming it into important information, raising awareness among its readers.

People feel protected behind their computer screens, expelling hatred with frightful words.  Our idea is to take away the voice of prejudice, giving haters the attention they deserve: none

Marcelo Ramos,

CEO of Mestiça

The Hate Filter is an extension of Chrome, where more than six thousand racist, xenophobic, homophobic, sexist or otherwise intolerant expressions were carefully chosen to disappear from the internet.  In their place: information. When identified by the tool, the expressions are immediately replaced with articles from Brazil’s most prominent news sources, containing data and information about the violence that was blocked.

To be a part of this action, to get free from the hatred on the internet and gain more knowledge about the violence being faced by Brazil and the world, click here and download the Hate Filter.


Agency: Mestiça

Client: Fram Filtros (automotive filters)

Product: Institutional

Title: Hate Filter

  • Creative Director: Luiz Parpulov
  • Head of Digital: André Marino
  • Head of Art: Eduardo Basque
  • Art Director: Marcus Rochah, Fabio Crociati, Ivan Ribolla
  • Copywriter: Rafael Prioli
  • Digital Art Director: Felipe Higashi
  • Account: Tomás Oliveira, Josuel Luna
  • Planning : Leandro Corrêa, Guilherme Freire
  • Advertiser: Tatiane Savane
  • Film Production Company : Mestiça
  • Director: André Marino, Rafael Prioli
  • Editor: André Marino, Ivan Ribolla, Pamella Gomes