PIAF 2018: The Grand Prix went to India

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The international PIAF Jury led by star Bjorn Stahl has designated the winners, and this year’s competition saw a duel between the Czech and Slovak creative.

There were 15 Czech nominations on the short lists, with just one less for the Slovaks. However, in the end, the Slovaks convincingly took the lead with 9 awards. The lion’s share of this success goes to the campaign Forgotten Day of Freedom by Triad Advertising, which scored in 3 different categories.

The most awarded campaign is however Thank You, Czechs from Bistro Agency (4 awards). Then followed other countries – Romania with five and Finland with three awards. In total 31 works from 11 countries were awarded.

When it comes to agency ranking, the first position was taken by the Romanian Geometry Global (5 awards) followed by Bistro and Triad agencies (4 awards each). This year the Grand Prix was awarded once again, this time to the Indian WATConsult for the #PowerlessQueen campaign. The campaign draws the attention to the helplessness of Indian women suffering from violence using a parallel with the strongest figure in chess – the queen.

The decision-making on the Grand Prix was the absolute longest I have seen in the nine years of PIAF. It took more than an hour before the judges settled on the Indian campaign. But it was tight

 Marek Hlavica,

Director of PIAF

The complete results can be found online.

Bjorn Stahl also became the main star of the new Communication Summit, which replaced the traditional PIAF Conference.

The PIAF International Advertising Festival was held in Prague for the 9th time.

PIAF has also published the annual results of the creative ranking PIAFYS. It includes over three thousand names, at the top positions are:

  1. King Thomas Joyce
  2. Bryan Sean
  3. Murphy Tom
  4. Silver Eric
  5. Zmood Dov
  6. Lim Vince
  7. Roberts Evan
  8. De Wolf Stephen
  9. Hahn Greg
  10. Lubars David