Google and Herezie promote Google Cloud with a book telling the future of one’s professional life

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Google is investing a lot into its Google Cloud business, aiming to attract enterprise consumers and compete against Amazon Web Services, which has at the moment a dominant market share.

In order to promote the Cloud service, Google challenged Herezie to reach high-profile CEOS of huge companies in order to introduce them to its superior cloud offering.

Herezie came up with a brilliant idea that uses data in a creative way and relies on a very non-digital medium to sell a digital product: books. But not any book. A book that tells the future of your professional life.

To make those books possible, huge amounts of data were fed into Google Cloud, which was able to predict from the info received what the next ten years of a CEO would look like.

Herezie then teamed up with a renowed publishing house and expert ghostwriters to pen unique biographies of ten CEOs of the largest firms in France. Also, an esteemed economist also wrote the foreword for each book. Moreover, only one copy of each book was produced and was hand delivered to each CEO.

From the very beginning, we loved this idea. Why ? Simply, because these biographies represent exactly our approach as a digital partner. At Google Cloud, we are passionate about helping customers, enterprises, employees, CEOS and board members to embrace the digital transformation. So, we thought it could be an interesting idea and an interesting way to start a conversation about digital transformation with these top executives of French enterprises.

To do so, we decided to send them an anticipated biography of their potential future. Future that we would love to write with them.

Salime Nassur

Head of Field Marketing, Google Cloud France