Romanian start-ups AppSeed and Creative-Tim join forces to create an integrated web solution 

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Romanian start-ups AppSeed, financed by GapMinder Venture Capital, and Creative-Tim closed a partnership with the purpose of offering web apps with superior design and a flexible architecture, ready to use.

Without needing programming knowledge, a Creative-Tim theme is applied automatically on AppSeed’s engine, generating a full website that can be graphically edited without needing later code modifications.

The presentation websites already available are from categories like corporate and multi-purpose: restaurants, physical or digital products sold on Amazon, blogging websites and presentation websites for personal trainers or trainers.

This partnership offers us the chance to have access to new market niches. High level design offered by Creative-Tim will be crucial in developing successful apps. AppSeed automatizes processes that, before, used to last even a few weeks, accelerating the delivery time. Moreover, the cost to develop web apps will decrease also

Adrian Chirilov

Co-founder AppSeed

During the last months, we received a lot of requests, from existent and potential clients, that asked us to integrate our front-end products with different back-end languages, such are PHP, Python or Ruby. Until now, our business strategy was to channel all our energy and resources towards developing the best front-end interfaces, so our clients would next make the integration with the back-end programs they were using

AppSeed solves this market need, reducing to few minutes the process to pass from a static prototype to a web app 100% functional, coded by experienced developers

Alexandru Păduraru

Co-founder Creative-Tim

AppSeed is a start-up from Romanian town of Constanta, headed by Adrian Chirilov. AppSeed is part of the Techcelerator, financed by GapMinder  since April 2018 .

Creative-Tim is a Romanian start-up headed by Alexandru Păduraru, which created and sells globally licences for web interfaces such are UI kits and dashboards; launched in 2014, it has today over 430.000 programmers using its products. During the last 2 years, Creative-Tim sold licenses worth over $1M and its interfaces are used by freelancers, digital companies, corporations like IBM, Cisco or SalesForce, but also universities like Stanford, Harvard and MIT.