Europa FM and Rusu+Bortun correct until only the truth is left

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The strategy and creative manifestation agency Rusu+Bortun signed the new campaign for Europa FM – Verificat de Europa FM. Europa FM means more that a simple verification of the information offered in the news broadcast and posted by the station, it’s a manifest for clean journalism.

In the context in which the veracity of the news is many times questioned, due to the fact that their provenience cannot be verified and the existence of the “fake news” type of journalism, very often found in social media, based on fake news or especially inflated ones, created with the purpose of attracting attention gains momentum, Europa FM, through  “Verificat de Europa FM” (Verified by Europa FM), proposes a type of journalism in which the information offered and the declarations in the public space are verified and correct by the Europa FM journalist.

What is found when the radio’s journalists pick on the news and take a deeper look at those declarations? Most of the times the affirmations turn out to be exaggerated in order to satisfy some interests. Therefore, starting from this strong insight and until finding the campaign’s concept was one a short ride for the agency’s strategists: At Verified by Europa FM we correct until only the truth is left.

We illustrated the results of the interventions made over the politicians’ affirmations. We corrected them until there was only truth left in them. And, after these intervention, the reports’ numbers aren’t multiplied anymore, the streets aren’t longer then they used to be the day before and the people’s salaries aren’t growing over night anymore,either. On the contrary. Then, we took the naked truth to the Social Media street, for the rest of the world to see how they look without the “cloths full of garnishing”

Europa FM’s representatives

From a creative point of view, our concept supported by the headline We correct until only the truth is left” illustrates the reality through a series of visuals, used mostly in online and social media. The Microphone Man, the iconic graphic element in the new Europa FM identity and used by us also in the previous campaign “The voice of millions of Romanians”, is the one that corrects,literary, the news and the declarations made by some politicians and not only, that appeared in the public space. The simplicity and the minimalism of the graphic style used makes the concept be easily understandable by everybody

Bob Toma,

creative director Rusu+Bortun

This is not the only project signed by Rusu+Bortun for Europa FM, the agency continuing its strategic and long-term partnership with Europa FM that started in 2016, with an awareness campaign addressed to the new radio station’s identity.

At the beginning of the year, Europa FM passed through a re-branding and re-positioning process signed by the brand and design strategy agency, Brandient. The brief for Rusu+Bortun was to develop and implement an awareness campaign that will amplify the new identity. The Europa FM re-positioning is built around the dialogue concept, therefore the campaign created by Rusu+Bortun comes as an reinforcement of this concept.

Under the headline, „Europa FM are vocea ascultatorilor ei” (Europa FM has the voice of its listeners), Europa FM proposes itself to show that it is not only a radio station. Through „Europa FM is in dialogue with you”, the radio station becomes the Romanians’ bullhorn. It is listening to their needs, desires and wishes.

The campaign’s communication has also an external component in street and metro OOH, bus shelters and is present in nine cities: Bucharest, Timisoara, Cluj, Brasov, Constanta, Iasi, Targu Jiu, Tulcea and Ramnicu Valcea.



  • Chief Creative Partner: Catalin Rusu
  • Creative Director: Bob Toma
  • Art Director: Eugen Preda
  • Copywriter: Andrei Paduraru
  • Client Service Director: Miruna Macsoda
  • Brand Grower: Iulia Voinea
  • Graphic Designer/DTP: Anca Uscatescu.

Europa FM:

  •  Andreea Barbulescu – Marketing Specialist

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