Tiger, Romanian singer Ruby and DDB Romania take the tiger our of you

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DDB Romania signs the latest campaign for the energy drink Tiger, whose main lead is the Romanian famous singer Ruby.

It is well-known that youngsters have a very active life,being always up-to-date with the latest trends. This hyperactivity is demanding for the body and, to be able to keep up, a dose of extra-energy is always welcomed. Still, in the same time, the youngsters are preoccupied by their image and need a brand that can offer them a plus value, that will make them feel cool.

Starting from this insight and putting the consumer first, the advertising agency DDB Romania saw an opportunity for the brand Tiger, that had already put it into practice. Therefore, the energy drinks’ brand got associated with Ruby, a Romanian artist in demand and in trend at the moment, with a sportive and sexy constitution. In other words, a perfect match with the Tiger brand values that address a young target.

Ruby is a modern, popular endorser, a trend setter. Looking for a woman endorser is an original, courageous, approach, a differentiation in the energizers’ market. Therefore, we propose ourselves to raise the Tiger’s awareness and therefore the growth of the consumers’ base. The association with a person from the music industry offers us a larger communication range, on a long term, that can come always with something new,in line with the brand’s character that needs to permanently surprise

Mihaela Grelus,

marketing director Maspex Romania.

For DDB Romania, the product turned out to be the perfect inspiration, the creative idea coming directly from the product. And, as in any kitty lays a tiger that cannot wait to get out into the world, the agency’s creatives asked themselves what it happens when you open a can of Tiger? The creative response was translated through the energy drink’s effect, while the client added: why not let Ruby open the can?

Tiger – the magic tunnel that transforms you. You come cool and irresistible and that without any effort from your behalf. It’s too awesome to be true? You would better believe it,because it’s on TV and it’s with  Ruby. Be cool, be irresistible, don’t be a kitty,” explained the campaign’s vision

Stefan Vasilachi,

Creative Director DDB Romania

Under the headline „Scoate tigrrrul din tine” (Take the tiger out of you), the campaign debuted with a teaser on cancan.ro in which it was presented Ruby’s fake tattoo, followed by the reveal on the artist’s Instagram page. The campaign runs with TVC, online, POSMs and a limited edition of cans with Ruby.