Romanian GMP PR handles the employee branding communication for JYSK in Romania

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The Romanian branch of the Scandinavian Danish-founded retailer JYSK chose GMP PR to handle its positioning strategy and the employee branding communication.

JYSK’s target is to open over 100 stores in Romania by 2020, from the present 62 stores and 770 employees. By the end of 2018, JYSK plans to open at least 5 stores in Romania.

The first campaign JYSK made together with GMP PR, “Scandinavian style jobs”, presents the benefits and opportunities offered by a career with the retailer. The company aims to expand JYSK’s team by attracting those sharing the values of the Danish culture: team work, personal and professional development, hygge, modesty, transparency, right to voice your opinion.

To relay the JYSK spirit, the employees were actively involved in the campaign, becoming its ambassadors.

It is a big pleasure for us to work for JYSK, because we’re brand’s fans. This is obvious as soon as one enters our headquarters. JYSK-ers are, more then anything, a super-team, both cool but also modest, hard working, ambitious and anchored in the hygge philosophy

Ioana Manoiu,

Managing Director GMP PR

 For me, it is important to work with people who share the same values, with people having an inspiring creative energy and who understand the modesty and transparency of the Scandinavian style. The collaboration with GMP PR is stimulating our creativity

Alex Bratu,

Country Manager JYSK Romania