Alexandru Giboi (Agerpres Romania), elected General Secretary of EANA

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Alexandru Giboi (Agerpres Romania) was elected General Secretary of European Alliance of News Agencies (EANA), on September 21st, during the EANA Conference held in Warsaw, Poland.

Warsaw was, on September 20 and 21, the meeting place of the managers from the news agencies which are EANA members. With this occasion, a new management was elected for the Alliance:

  • Peter Kropsch, CEO dpa (Germany) – President
  • Michalis Psilos, CEO ANA-MPA (Greece), and Jiri Majstr, CEO CTK (Czech Republic) – Board members.

EANA was founded on August 21st 1956, following a conference in Strasbourg. The alliance represents a forum for cooperation and information exchange between the European news agencies and has over 30 members promoting the respect of copyrights, access to information, development of info relaying technology and press freedom