StrawberryFrog came up with Successful Brand Manager Starter Packs for Advertising Week NYC

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Advertising Week NYC kicks off with Successful Brand Manager Starter Packs, launched on Instagram by StrawberryFrog.

Intended to inspire brand managers to greater heights and to maintain a steely resolve in the face of a radically changing marketing landscape, the Successful Brand Manager Starter Packs were invented by StrawberryFrog’s Tyler DeAngelo, the Movement Marketing firms ECD.

It’s AdvertisingWeek here in NYC, people are here from around the world. Education time!! We thought Advertising Week NYC needed Successful Brand Manager Starter Packs. We curated a series of multi-panel photo sets meant to illustrate the archetype of the SBMs and their subculture through a recommended selection of fashion articles, multimedia and other consumer products. A select few can connect with us to receive their very own Starter Pack.