25 speakers to get on stage of  GPeC Summit in Bucharest, on November 12-13

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GPeC Summit is scheduled to take place in Bucharest on November 1213 and will bring on stage over 25 speakers, from which 6 are renowned internationally speakers, most at their first presence in Romania:

  • Nir Eyal – the author of the bestseller “Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products”
  • Brad Geddes – International PPC expert, author of “Advanced Google AdWords”
  • David Meerman Scott – Author and co-author of 10 Marketing books, of which 3 international bestsellers
  • Russell McAthy – Cubed CEO, Attribution Modeling Expert
  • Ross Simmonds – Foundation Marketing CEO, Content Marketing Expert
  • Rafael Campos – Deputy CEO VTEX – E-Commerce platform present in 25 countries

In addition to international speakers, Romanian specialists will also be on the GPeC stage to support practical presentations, with actionable recommendations regarding online business development strategy, marketing strategy, SEO, UX, Mobile, Google Analytics, Rising Conversion Rate and Sales. Among them are: Valentin Radu –Omniconvert Founder, Sergiu Negut –Fintech OS Co-Founder & Associate of Dean Maastricht School of Management Romania, Liviu Taloi –ECOMpedia Co-Founder, Raluca Radu –MTH Digital & Country Manager ANSWEAR.ro, Horia Neagu –Napoleon Digital Founder, Dragoș Manac –Liberty Revival Holding General Manager, Andrei Radu –GPeC CEO & Founder, Alexandru Lapușan –Zitec CEO & Founding Partner, Andrei Georgescu –White Image Managing Director, Bianca Grip –GripAds Managing Director, Cristian Ignat –Canopyst @Canopy Chief, Dan Virtopeanu –Breeze Mobile Founder, Eugen Potlog –Optimizer @ UX Studio Founder & Chief, Lucia Ciuca, Mihai Vinatoru – Head of SEO & Managing Partner DWF and Roxana Olaru –CREADIV Co-Founder

They are joined by the most well- known representatives of the Romanian e-commerce market, such are Iulian Stanciu – eMAG CEO, Felix Patrascanu – FAN Courier Managing Partner, Elisabeta Moraru – Google Romania Country Manager, Antonio Éram – NETOPIA Payments CEO, Bogdan Colceriu – Frisbo CEO and Florin Toma – DHL Express Romania E-Commerce Manager

The topics to be discussed at the GPeC SUMMIT November 12-13 focus on the most important issues of online business development, as well as the current state of the Romanian e-commerce market, predictions for the near future, preparations for Black Friday and holiday campaigns. The main topics discussed are:

  • Strategies for customer loyalty and retention
  • Optimization of Google Ads campaigns
  • Marketing Strategies and Real- Time Marketing
  • Google Analytics and Attribution Modeling
  • Optimization for mobile devices
  • Content Marketing
  • Customer Journey
  • Optimization of conversion rate
  • User Experience
  • SEO
  • Growth Marketing

At this edition of GPeC SUMMIT we have focused, more than ever, on bringing practical content to participants to effectively help them grow their online businesses. In addition to the information provided by exceptional international speakers, we are committed to bringing actionable content delivered by some of the best Romanian specialists – many of them are valuable E-commerce trainers, whose courses are appreciated with over 90% positive feedback. We have devoted a large part of the GPeC SUMMIT program to Romanian speakers who know the specifics of the market in detail and can offer informed and immediate recommendations applicable by online stores and e-commerce players

Andrei Radu,

GPeC Founder & CEO

The agenda of the two days of GPeC SUMMIT November 12-13 was published and can be consulted on the GPeC website.

The organizers have prepared 2 days of Conference and Expo, 1 Google Ads intensive Masterclass supported by Brad Geddes and the 13th annual eCommerce Awards Gala – the Romanian Electronic Commerce Awards to be held in the evening November 13th and will be hosted by Andi Moisescu. More than 1,000 unique participants (C-level) are expected in the two days of the event.