Grapefruit organizes World Information Architecture Day 2019 on February 23rd at Iasi

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The digital agency Grapefruit organizes for the eighth year in a row World Information Architecture Day ( WIAD ) event in Romania. This year WIAD comes back to Iasi on February 23rd at Fab Lab, after the 2017 edition. Grapefruit chose to organize this year’s event Iasi because it wants to contribute to the growth of the local digital community, by constantly investing in its development. Also in the purpose of growing the local market, Grapefruit’s representatives chose national speakers that can offer information and study cases based on their large expertise, at a big scale, not only locally.

WIAD is an international one-day event, dedicated to the information architecture, organized at the same time in over 26 countries, 62 locations, under the headline  “Design for difference”, by a community of professionals with a common goal: that of giving shape to the future information architecture. Gathering experts in the field and members of the digital departments in top companies, UX designers and specialists in digital marketing and AI (Artificial Intelligence). WIAD was launched by the Information Architecture Institute (IAI) in US and takes place each year.

But what does „Design for difference” refer to? At the designers’ responsibility of creating experiences, services, new spaces, systems that would interact with millions of users, but at the same time, producing an impact in the lives of others. A positive impact.

Differences of ability and disability. Differences of access to information and technology. Differences in language and culture. Age, sex or identity differences. Differences in expertise. As creators of informational architecture, us, the designers, need to think at the consequences and the impact of the decisions taken by us have and will have over the rest of the humanity. We must reflect each time when we take important decisions, but also to base ourselves on a deep research,” said Alecsandru Grigoriu, Lead UX Designer la Grapefruit.

WIAD 2019 Iasi’s speakers that will concentrate on the design that make the difference are: Raluca Teodorescu – Head of Digital Communication ( Enel Romania ),Marian Hurducas – Digital Marketer, Founder ( Necktie ), Roxana Magopet – Director Marketing & Comunicare ( Fan Courier ), Incze Zsolt – Sr. UX Designer ( Adobe ), alongside Grapefruit’s  design (Alecsandru Grigoriu, Victor Keller,Ion Turcanu, Andrei Balanica) and content (Andreea Marinciu) teams.

The people interested in taking part can reserve a seat in the room at the following link:

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