Public debate launched by Romanian BRAT on the new code on personal data handling in marketing and online advertising

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Romanian Bureau for Transmedia Audit (BRAT) launched a public debate for the first version of a Code regarding the handling of personal data in marketing and online advertising sectors. The first version of the Code is available for analysis, in Romanian, on association’s website, within the section dedicated to the protection of personal data.

¬†Brat’s Code is targeting any juridical person that handles personal data in order to provide one or more services in domains like marketing and online advertising. The main objectives of the code are an unified interpretation, a standardized implementation and the adaptation of GDPR demands to the specific of the online industry, along with building a trusted mark when it comes of data protection.

The code submitted for public debate is the result of efforts made by an initiative group within the association (website owners, agencies, media houses and ad clients) in order to transpose the GDPR regulations regarding data protection in a conduct code.

The public debate was launched by Code’s initiators to make sure it includes relevant subjects for the marketing and online advertising sectors, approached in a wide perspective. BRAT wants the document to become relevant for the entire industry and invites the companies with activities in the mentioned sectors to contribute to shaping the Code. The public debate is open until March 15th, with comments and suggestions regarding the Code expected via email at

Romanian Bureau for Transmedia Audit is the organization of media and advertising industry aiming to establish common methods and standards when it comes of measuring the performance indicators of the media products, which are used as standard in transactioning advertising.

BRAT has over 80 members that are transactioning over 90% of the online advertising on Romanian websites. Also, 80% of the total online traffic in Romania is made on BRAT measured websites, while 95% of the total display advertising on Romanian websites is ran by websites measured by BRAT