Globalworth District, the 1st art&tech district in Romania, to officially launch end of February

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Art and tech will have, starting February 28th, a permanent residence in Globalworth District, the first art & tech “district” in Romania, developed by Globalworth and One Night Gallery. Globalworth District aims to promote the young generation of Romanian artists and to bring cultural events closer to the community, transforming office buildings in unconventional spaces that host and support art and tech.

After we transformed, last year, some of Globalworth buildings in spaces dedicated to culture, where both our partners and general public had the opportunity to rediscover art, we are now making another step and officially launch a new district on Bucharest’s cultural map. Globalworth District is mainly about the community, about the people in our buildings, young artists, tech fans and fans of new experiences. The effervescence of the local artists can be now experienced in a new way, unique and personal, facilitated by the new technologies. And we are extremely happy that, even from the launch event, we have close partners that believed in our idea

Georgiana Oltenescu,

Head of Marketing & Communication Globalworth

The launch of Globalworth District is scheduled to take place on February 28th, at Globalworth Tower (Barbu Vacarescu 201), and will combine, in an immersive show orchestrated by One Night Gallery, tech with music, visual arts and fashion design. Building’s lobby will be the scene for a new media art event bringing together an unconventional concert Robin and The Backstabbers, installations and projections made by Les Ateliers Nomad and H3, over-dimensional illustrations by Bogdan Moraru and animated ones by Tudor Calnegru, along with George. The first intelligent banking, a BCR innovation, with clothes illustrated by the One Night Gallery artists, which can be scanned with AR with Samsung’s dARe app.

We are happy we found a partner that embraced our concept and together with which we were able to develop yet another project to offer us many opportunities to create innovative experiences involving Romanian artists. It is a courageous project that will challenge us, every time, to find content of interest both for the big community within Globalsworth buildings and also for ours. We are starting with a first edition that will offer a sneak peek for what will follow, this year, at Globalworth District and, with this occasion, we thank to all the involved partners

Sorina Topceanu & Madalina Ivascu

Founders One Night Gallery


Partners to Globalworth District are BCR, Asahi Super Dry, Carrefour, Mindspace, Samsung, Epson, Nespresso and Bombay Sapphire. Media partners are Radio Guerrilla, Wall-Street, Zile și Nopți, Igloo, IQads, Feeder, Modernism, The Institute.