Biz Social Media Awards 2019 Gala presented its winners

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After 20 editions of Social Media Summit in Bucharest and the country, the Biz magazine team organized the first edition of Biz Social Media Awards. The Awards Gala recognized and celebrated the performance and the creativity of the brands and the professionals in social media.

The Excellence Awards of the Biz Social Media Awards Gala for the best social media campaigns, the most creative content creators and the most performing players in the industry were given as follows:

The Excellence Award for the complex 360 degrees approach that combines its own content with the one done by the community was offered to SAMSUNG.

The Excellence Awards for two editions of Next Big Vlogger and for supporting the new generation of online content went to the brand COCA-COLA.

The Excellence Award for the ideal combination of new media with traditional marketing, for creating unitary stories declined especially for each channel went to the brand VODAFONE.

The Excellence Award for innovation in the social video content communication was given to the brand  KFC for the launch of KFC Social Entertainment Channel.

The Excellence Award for using social media in the use of the common good and for the performances registered at the international competition Solar Decathlon in Dubai went to the EFdeN team.

The Excellence Award for real time marketing and the creativity with no borders, for the content that gets viral fast in social media was given to NETFLIX.

The Excellence Award for courage, assuming and real time reactions that transcend the rigid limits of the diplomacy went to the communication team of the Sweden Embassy in Bucharest.

The Excellence Award for supporting and the involvement in organizing the first conference dedicated to Instagram in Romania went to the company Maresi Romania.

The Excellence Award for the courage of choosing the user generated content in creating a promotional campaign of a new line of innovating products went to the company CAROLI.

The Excellence Award for the most courageous and spectacular launches, with strong buzz on the social media networks went to the brand CALIF.

The Excellence Award for creativity in the online brand communication went to ALEX COTEȚ.

The Excellence Award for creativity in creating of video content for one of the most followed and appreciated Romanian vloggers, with a growth of over 190 percent of the number of subscribers during January-December 2018 went to ANDREI ȘELARU (SELLY).

The Excellence Award for building one of the most active and dynamic communities on Facebook among the brands on the market in Romania that are present in social media, with over 2 million fans and the unexpected communication campaigns went to the brand LIDL.

Moreover, at three years after publishing for the first time the lists with the most relevant names in the Romanian blogosphere and after more than ten years since it has been writing about the Romanian online, Biz launched, also during the Biz Social Media Awards Gala, the third edition of Digital Report. The project reunites information about the most important digital agencies in Romania, trends and evolutions of the digital market, lists with the most relevant names in the Romanian blogosphere, classified according the fields it covers, a top of the most followed vloggers, a top of the Instagram accounts, just as a top of the bloggers with whom the agencies collaborated.

The physical project Digital Report was sold right from the pre-order. The project, in PDF format can be ordered here, at the price of RON 75  (VAT included):