Andreea Timofte (Motion Vision Communication): It’s easy to feel discouraged in an industry where numbers still count that much and your expertise offers more uncountable solutions

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As March is a month when women are celebrated, AdHugger asked a few professionals with a remarkable career to tell us their views on developing their career as women working in the communication industry. And Andreea Timofte , General Manager Motion Vision Communication Romania, offered us her view over the matter.


  • How hard was to develop your career?

I grew up with one of my father’s advice: it’s important to do something that you like. If so, no obstacle will look that big. And he was right. As a psychology student, I knew I would rather follow the industrial path, but I was thinking more about the human resources one. That was until I met my colleagues in MVcom (, where I found a special place. First of all, it was advertising. And it was not about the consumers as a number of audience, but as individuals with senses, emotions and feelings. And it was about words and motion and fragrance and touch and all the things that make us human. So, there was the beginning of a beautiful journey. That does not mean that it was or is easy, but I definitively had a lot of support here. And maybe, I’m just lucky to have discovered pretty soon in my professional life, “that something” that I like.

  • What were the main obstacles to surpass?

As we use to say in here, when you feel to give up, do one more step. It’s easy to feel discouraged in an industry where numbers still count that much and your expertise offers more uncountable solutions. For several years now, things are beginning to change and the interest for experiential solutions is growing. But it needs a lot of perseverance to succeed and I’d like to think it was my training for resilience.

  • How did you managed to achieve success?

First, it’s important to define success. If we speak in terms of organisational position, I grew up along with this agency and I persevered enough not to give up when I felt discouraged. But for me there are 2 things that worked: affinity for this business and a very supportive organisational environment.

  • What do you think today’s industry would need more?

I think it’s very important to look for relevance. I’m happy to see that more and more brands and companies are looking for it. This industry has its power toward consumers, so it has to be carefully used.

The consumers are not an amorphous mass and we should deliver them relevant content, in relevant ways, with useful tools and responsibility, because we know we have our impact on shaping today’s society. If we want better, we need to do better.

  • Top 3 things to follow during the current year.

Relevance. Responsibility. Reaction.