KPMG launched in Romania a new employer brand campaign, “Open for talent”

Branding, Business

KPMG Romania launched a new campaign of employer branding, with the tag line „Open for Talent”, encouraging the expression of individuality, originality and personality of potential employees and bringing in focus an important dimension of the brand, flexibility.

Open for talent is the signal given by KPMG in Romania to daring people, who wish to develop a career in areas like audit, fiscal, business and juridical consultancy and information technology. The campaign is different compared with those previously launched and that because we wanted to go with an original idea which would encompass our way of being: open to new, to creativity, technology, flexible and wishing to work with people with personality, together with whom we can grow

Madalina Racovitan,

Partener KPMG

The idea of the campaign started from the people’s need to express. At work, employees can do so via abilities and passions, but also through their clothes. That is why KPMG chose a fashion detail to speak creatively about company’s flexibility.

As our campaign’s slogan says, “We are open for talent”. That means we are not looking at a pattern, at an “ideal candidate”, but to candidates with diverse passions, knowledge and expectations. We are looking for potential, motivation, adaptability, interest towards continuous learning and technology. Most of the times, the motivation compensates for the lack of knowledge accumulated during university, and that is why attitude and courage to follow one’s own development path will prevails some specific knowledge. We are looking for talents, “subtle rebels” and we’re encouraging expressing personality among employees and potential employees

Alina Gheuca,

Manager – People, Performance & Culture

In this campaign, KPMG brings face to face the candidate and technology via an automated machine that can be used in real time by students, starting mid-March. The machine will be placed inside, for certain periods, inside more Bucharest universities and will also be present at the industry events the company will be present during the current year. Through the automated machine, the potential candidates that enter the game will answer a short customized questionnaire that will match their profile and a role. An originality element is that, once the questionnaire is filled, the machine will offer to the candidates a personalized box including a colored sock, created by a Romanian producer, while the pair sock can be collected at company’s presentation stand, where people can find out more details regarding job opportunities at KPMG.

KPMG is a global network of professional services companies providing audit, fiscal consultancy and business services. It is present in 153 countries and has 207.000 employees. In Romania and Moldova, KPMG has 6 offices and 800 employees