GlobalWebIndex study: Romanian internet users are still watching more classical TV programmes than online TV programmes

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According to GlobalWebIndex study, the world’s largest survey on digital consumers which for the first time includes data from Romania, more than 50% of Romanian internet users are watching linear TV programming, while only 20% stream online forms of television for the same amount of time. Furthermore, 17% say that they don’t use payed TV services.

Also, in terms of media consumption, the study finds that 84% of Romanians use their mobile phones to socialize or to check their e-mails while watching television. And although 66% of surveyed Romanians state that are interested in movies, only 41% watch trailers on YouTube and only 24% have a Netflix account (though 40% state that they watch content on Netflix, as an account can be shared by multiple users). Netflix is the most popular VOD platform for movies.

Regarding general digital behavior, the GlobalWebIndex reveals that Romanians mostly use social networking apps (92%), followed by chat and messaging (89%), navigation (71%), music (61%) and games (54%), the last place being occupied by banking apps with 34% of Romanians saying that they use them.

Romanians are very fond of YouTube, Google Maps and Waze.

Out of the social networking apps, Facebook led with 80%, strongly followed by Facebook Messenger – 73% almost tied with WhatsApp – 72%.

Last but not least, the majority of Romanians (68%) are, as people in other European markets, concerned about how companies use their private data and 45%  use AD blockers because they feel that there are too many ads on the internet, they are intrusive, annoying or irrelevant.

The 10th edition of the GlobalWebIndex surveyed more than 110.000 people in over 40 markets and for the first time includes data about Romanian digital consumers, based on Starcom and Zenith media agencies consolidated efforts to make this global study available for the Romanian market.

We are extremely happy to be able to bring this valuable know-how source to Romania (from online activities and behaviors, to their impact on specific industries), and to develop more valuable business and communication insights for our clients based on this platform

Rodica Mihalache,

Head of Consumer and Business Insights, Starcom Romania

We are very enthusiast to bring GlobalWebIndex in Romania, to explore data in a more complete way and use technologies to deliver ROI and profitable growth for our clients, through more impactful insights and solutions

Raluca Zancu,

Media Research Director, Zenith Romania.

Getting good insight into local markets has always been a challenge for brands and agencies. We’re delighted to help Publicis Media shine a spotlight on the complex and unique digital behaviors and attitudes in Romania. As our reach expands across 45 markets, making this kind of insight easily accessible is a game-changer.

Jason Mander,

Chief Research Officer GlobalWebIndex

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