Laura Iane (pastel): Most of the obstacles we encounter are of our own design

Advertising, Women in Business

Laura Iane, Creative Director at Romanian agency pastel, has 13 years of experience in advertising. She started her career at Saatchi & Saatchi, where she evolved until she got to coordinate the projects as Creative Director at Centrade-Cheil. She worked a lot of time on P&G account, handling both local and regional projects. Other brands in her portfolio are Samsung, Rompetrol, Raiffeisen Bank, Enel, Dr. Oetker, Mondelez, Sensiblu, Toyota, Orange, Intersnack, Samusocial and United Way Romania. Some of the campaigns Laura developed were recognized at the big international competitions in the field (Cannes Lions, New York Festival, Clio Awards, LIA, Golden Drum).

As AdHugger recently started a series dedicated to women in business, especially communication, Laura spoke with us about the way her career developed, obstacles to surpass and things to keep an eye on.

How hard was it to develop your career?

I don’t necessarily regard it in terms of “hard” and “career”. I learned to do a lot of things and I love to share my knowledge. Of course, I learned everything I know by working very hard, and I guess my energy is a bit contagious also because I feel everything intensely.

But, in all fairness, it’s only now that I can truly say I am able to start creating the good stuff.

What were the main obstacles to surpass?

Hmmm… this is a tricky question. I learned that most of the obstacles we encounter are of our own design. And, for me, most of the obstacles were excuses governed by fear. Fear of failure, fear of not being liked. Fear of this and that. Tones of bullshit, actually. Once you realize this, you just start working, you start to be responsible for your own self, you start creating.  And, at a certain point, you realize that some of the projects you worked on are really good. And some of them… not so good. But that’s just the way it is. One of the best feelings ever: when you don’t feel the need to put the blame on something else. This was the biggest obstacle I surpassed.

How did you manage to achieve success?

The only way I measure success is by my attitude towards the things that turn out right, as well as those that don’t. I enjoy the win. But I don’t settle. I learn from what didn’t work and I move on. No matter how things turn out, we should keep moving. On to the next ones!

What do you think today’s industry needs more?

Our industry needs more mindfulness, as out-of-industry as this might seem. What I miss is our ability to capture the present. To avoid simple reactions. To use a decision instead of a reflex. To skip the habit that takes away the new. Or we can just stick to “but this is how we usually do it”.

Top 3 things to follow this year.

  1. I would look at the campaigns trying to get Romanians to vote. Also, at the interesting moves from xennial politicians and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.
  2. I would look at how brands try to integrate a valuable purpose into their commercial communication. It is easier for brands, and for us – the communicators, to use our creativity and communication plans to encourage positive values and, thus, to bring them closer to the masses.
  3. S-commerce vs. e-commerce. Instagram could become a fully-fledged eCommerce platform.