Romanian video analytics and AI tech Metrici announced the launch of Parking Place Detector

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Romanian company specialized in video analytics and AI technology, Metrici, brings a new recognition engine, launching Parking Place Detector, a software solution to manage a parking lot
with just the help of IP cameras.

The launch comes in addition to License Plate Recognition and Container Code Recognition engines. With this step Metrici moves beyond optical character recognition towards deep neural networks and object identification and classification.

No more wires necessary, no sensors, no underground or air cables, no maintenance. Using just one camera, one can monitor dozens of parking places to see their status in real time, whether they are free or busy and can monitor the interface where can change settings, generate alarms or view statistics and reports. The new module brings a change in the interface as it comes with a dedicated menu, but most importantly, comes with new recognition algorithms, based on innovative Artificial Intelligence technologies.

All parking spaces in a city can be integrated in the same interface to know exactly how many and especially where are free, and these data to be send in real time to LED displays or to mobile applications.

As any other Metrici software, Parking Place Detector is easy to install and use. A parking lot can be set up in Metrici and is “up and running“ in under 5 minutes. The current solution is useful to any parking lots in businesses like retail, for office buildings, industrial parks, underground parking, residential area, off-street parking, and is extremely useful for on-street parking, where in fact there is no other efficient way to monitor the parking spots and see how many are available or busy and which ones and to have this integrated to any dimension. 

First of all, Metrici PPD is a big help for cities trying to get smart and especially for people that are already smart and know how to use the advanced technology in their advantage, as it can be integrated in many applications to ease people’s life. Not only in big cities, but smaller municipalities and companies can take advantage of the AI technology

Vlad Georgescu,

CEO Metrici 

In the future, Metrici is preparing even more applications based on specialized AI training meant at helping people, companies and cities.

In any given time, one can know how many places and where in the parking lot or in the city are available. Also, the manager can see reports and statistics about the occupancy level on days, weeks, for groups or zones, and also can create heat maps statistics about the more searched places in the parking lot or in the city and take measure and make changes accordingly.

Metrici PPD is the most efficient and probably the cheapest and easiest solution to use in parking lots or for managing an entire city, even when, and especially, when the conditions are tough for any others .