O Escritório signs the new SL Benfica campaign targeting families

Ads, Creativity

Football is a male-dominated culture. And where there’s too much testosterone, there’s often a lack of tolerance and diversity, creating an uncomfortable environment for families that love the game but feel uneasy going to stadiums.

With 78% of its members being male, Benfica – the biggest club in Portugal – decided to do something about it and came up with a Benfica family membership, with special conditions for families, no matter they are traditional or non-traditional. O Escritório signed the campaign promoting the new membership packages.

The campaign already shown results, with over 4000 (and counting) becoming family members, with female members making up 50% of last month’s new members. It has been picked up both locally and abroad with multiple references in news sites and TV shows from Italy to Brazil. Praise came from several platforms, social media and public figures, including members of the Portuguese Parliament. The campaign also drew countless emotional replies, even from some of Benfica’s rivals.


  • Advertising Agency: O Escritório
  • Production Company: Show Off Films
  • Director: Bruno Ferreira
  • Director of Photography: Leandro Ferrão
  • Post Production: Mola Post
  • Music: Moullinex
  • Sound: Digital Mix
  • Client: Sport Lisboa e Benfica
  • Published: March, 2019