Codecool opens the courses registration by launching its platform in Romanian

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Codecool, the IT education start-up from Budapest, which entered the Romanian market in February 2019, launched com/ro platform, where those who are interested in learning how to code can register to courses , scheduled to begin in September 2019, on the future campus in Bucharest, to become digital specialists. With 100 business partners in 7 countries, Codecool is the first start-up in the IT education sector that completes its training program with a 99% success rate in guaranteeing a job.

The newly launched platform provides those who want to make a professional shift with complete information about the entire application process and informs them regarding the job positions they can prepare for. The programming courses lasting between 4 and 12 months, on the Bucharest campus, prepare future coders regardless of their previous studies and professional activity.

We want to meet the IT field job seekers with a disruptive learning method so as to transform them into the candidates that every employer needs. This is why the platform provides them with all the information they need and the opportunity to enroll in the courses to make the desired change in their professional life. With the help of this educational system, Codecool students acquire not only technical knowledge, but they also gain practical experience in software product development and project management skills, working on teams from day one to solve potential situations at work

József Boda,

CEO Codecool

How are the courses taking place?

The entire Codecool program is based on Mastery Based Learning – a study method which gives the opportunity to each student to master the materials at their own pace. Under the guidance of Codecool’s well trained mentors, the students are passing through 4 rooms at a time, having access to the next room only when they’ve mastered the material from the previous one. Passing through each room can take between 2 and 4 months, during which students work on projects in teams and benefit from individual mentoring. This way, the students are fully responsible for their own learning process, which boosts intrinsic motivation and helps them in developing a growth mindset. At the end of the course, Codecool facilitates meetings between its graduates and top companies which are looking for potential employees, so they can participate in interviews and have a job guarantee.

What is being learned in the courses?

Codecool maintains an active dialogue with companies, so taught information is continuously refreshed and adapted to the market needs. The study topics include:  programming languages such as Python, .NET, Java and JavaScript, GIT, working with different databases through the Agile methods for software development such as SCRUM. In addition to forming digital skills, the company places a strong emphasis on developing soft skills such as: conflict resolution, business-thinking and creating a feedback culture, all the crucial factors in the current work environment.

Through its disruptive model on which Codecool bases its business, the IT start-up responds to the needs of both the market specialists as well as those of the companies directors’ related to the recruitment phenomenon and the maintenance of the workforce – requiring a completely new approach in terms of developing digital skills. In Romania, there are approximately 50.000 IT professionals and by 2020 Romania will have a number of 140.000 IT professionals. Currently, over 60% of the IT&C companies see the recruitment of the IT workforce as a business challenge.

The main mission of Codecool programming school, established by the private equity funds in Hungary, is to reinvent the IT education process and to complete the current and future lack of professionals through its unique practice-oriented program. The company, which intended to record revenues of 5.1 million euros in 2019, offers intensive programming courses during 12 plus 6 months in Budapest, Miskolc, Krakow and Warsaw and has a medium-term purpose of establishing its presence in 10 big European cities.  The training program, which is implemented with the mentors help who have software development experience, provides up-to-date and ready-to-use knowledge, with the job guarantee after graduation. In addition, the graduates can post-finance their tuition fee from the salaries of their new job acquired with the help of the qualification.