Romania, member in IAB Europe’s board for the 3rd time

Creativity, Digital & Media

IAB Romania won a new 2 years long mandate, its 3rd, within the Managing Board of IAB Europe, following the elections which took place during General Assembly of IAB Europe Members, organized during the 1st day of the annual INTERACT conference, in the beginning of June, in Warsaw.

The new mandate of IAB Romania comes in an interesting context, in which IAB Europe changes its action and communication strategy for the next 2 years, aiming to consolidate the international brand both via unitary project targeting all markets and by offering tech instruments and assistance for their implementation

Ioana Anescu,

Managing Director IAB Romania

During the last 2 years, we focused on setting some clear development directions, assumed through projects, that would be visible and relevant for the Romanian market. Our already traditional presence within IAB Europe’s board insures us that the actions we take are aligned at global level and have local relevance

Gabriel Patru,

President IAB Romania

From the new 20 members strong Board of IAB Europe are part 10 national IABs like UK, Germany, France, Italy, Denmark, Poland, Turkey, Finland and Ireland, but also 10 corporations, namely Google, Appnexus, GroupM, RTL Group, ComScore, Microsoft, Quantcast, Teads, BBC and Axel Springer. The current mandate of the Board lasts until 2021.

The more and more active presence of the tech companies inside the association (video platforms, programmatic, block-chain), the projects that aim to conform with the regulations (more and more addressing digital), initiatives targeting education (supporting DIMAQ certification at European level), collaboration with other associations of the industry in order to elaborate standards and best practices, lobby actions and collaboration with authorities have as result the elaboration of frame documents, recognized internationally (Transparency and Consent Framework) and many other initiatives reunite under the new association’s  “motto” : Connecting, collaborating and development. It will be an important period, during which IAB Romania will represent, same as until now, the voice and interests of the Eastern Europe and of the developing markets, especially in the areas like education, transparency and viewability/measurement, through active involvement both in making decisions during Board meetings and through presence within the dedicated committees

Ioana Anescu