Summer Well joins Mastercard’s initiative of making accessible the festival experience to the people with hearing deficiencies


For the second year in a row, Mastercard is Summer Well festival‘s preferred card, a cashless festival that will take place August 9-11th on the Stirbey grounds. At the same time, Summer Well joins Mastercard‘s initiative of making accessible the music festivals and offering free access to the people with hearing deficiencies, such as assistance, through a team of  mimic-gestures team that will be present in the festival’s tickets’area, at Sensory Playground by Mastercard, and will interpret the artists’ songs.

Music is more than sound, is energy, vibration and emotion and the festival is the place where all of these receive a totally different dimension. We are very glad that a musical event that is so loved such as Summer Well instantly responded to our accessibility need, because only together we can transform an idea into a standard and to build a better future. Moreover, in order to complete the festival’s holiday atmosphere we wanted to offer Summer Well’s fans the means to experiment music different that they used to by now, something that translated into a journey lead by senses and real thanks to the technology, in Sensory Playground,” said Ada Iftodi, Marketing Manager, Mastercard Romania.

For 9 editions now, we have been doing everything possible to bring to those to come to Summer Well relevant international artists, but also to create a complete atmosphere where each one can fully enjoy the Summer Well experience. For us, this year represents a new start also in the manner of transmitting to the people with hearing deficiencies that this festival is also for them. We believe that is needed more and more involvement in transforming accessibility into normality and we are ready to open all the senses August 9-11th,” added Claudia Cramaroc, Brand Manager, Summer Well.

Alongside the launch of the audio logo at the beginning of the year, Mastercard stepped up on the brand identity ladder. Therefore, it created Sensory Playground, the space where the music is experimented through several senses with the help of a gigantic sphere that vibrates on the rhythm from the stage, another sphere, with the same diameter, 2 meters, that generates dynamic visuals and a SubPac vest station that prints the music’s rhythm on the body. Moreover, the participants will discover the Summer Vibes capsule-collection signed by Irina Voinea and The Stories of O that includes t-shirts, hoodies and raincoats models, with special designs that celebrate the senses. At the same time,  Summer Well’s participants will benefit of the newest and most simple payment ways and those that make contactless payments or make a top up on their bracelet, with the Mastercard card, have a 25% discount on the products from the dedicated collection. And it is a special collections as all the sales will be donated to the Romanian Deaf National Association.

Also in Sensory Playground, the festival goers will contribute to the collage  „O şansă la viaţă. Începe ceva de nepreţuit”, (A chance to life. Start something priceless), created by the artist Ovidiu Solcan for Mastercard and the symbol of the collective efforts for building the first Pediatric Oncology and Radiotherapy hospital in Romania, by the Dăruiește Viață Association.