The Safety Cake – the first cake that can save lives. #TreatYourFriendsLikeACake

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Do we care more about food than about our friends while driving? A survey shows that 87% of Belgian drivers carrying food on the passenger seat drive more carefully. An phenomenon that is interesting to look at. That’s what NGO Responsible Young Drivers and Renault Belux have done, whose collaboration has made possible to create the “Safety Cake”. A cake specially designed to confront motorists with their behavior and encourage them to drive more carefully. An awareness campaign that aims to approach road safety in a different way and aims to change drivers’ behavior by addressing them with a positive message.


Would you treat a cake better than you would your friends? That’s the question we wanted to ask motorists with this campaign. Because research shows that when Belgian motorists have food on the passenger seat 87% of them drives with extra care.

For this reason mortierbrigade came up with the Safety Cake. A beautiful and fragile piece of pastry that has an immediate impact on the motorists’ driving behavior.

The idea started from the principle that we drive more careful when we transport food on the passenger seat, like for instance a pizza, some Chinese takeaway or a cake. An inquiry further confirmed this observation. With the Safety Cake we seek to bring across a very clear message about our driving behavior not being very logical, in a way that people can recognize. Because why wouldn’t you be just as careful with your passengers as with the cake standing next to you?

Joost Berends,

Creative Director mortierbrigade

With the hashtag #TreatYourFriendsLikeACake, mortierbrigade invites motorists to treat their friends like a cake: that is with care.

Laura Gonzalez Schena, coordinator at RYD:

With the Safety Cake we want to address road safety in an original and positive way. We don’t want to moralize or point fingers, yet seek to open the discussion with a positive message.

The Safety Cake is part of a global awareness campaign and also has a wide social component, in order to reach as many young people as possible. With the hashtag #TreatYourFriendsLikeACake, RYD and Renault invite young motorists to treat their friends as they would a cake. Motorists can find the campaign movie on, along with the receipe to drive safely.