Romanian agency Grapefruit turned 20

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Romanian agency Grapefruit celebrates two decades of activity on the market, after it was launched in Romania on November 13th 1999. After 20 years in which it developed its portfolio, business and services, the agency continues to have in its team people that keep having the taste of revelations and big satisfactions when it comes the activity direction chosen at company’s  founding. © 2017 Paul Padurariu

We started to do branding and digital when the impact, interest, needs and budgets from companies were far from being invested in these areas of activity. Meanwhile, the digital market grew day by day, the objectives became more courageous and, daily, we needed to make a decision, to evolve and change or to stagnate and become irrelevant. Invariably, we chose the change. In all those years, we adapted the structure and service many times, so we would grow together with our clients

Georgiana Dragomir,

Managing Director Grapefruit

This way, from a small company, Grapefruit reached to a team of 35 people ready to embrace any digital challenge in line with the latest trends and technologies in order to offer to the clients the best solutions. And the fact that it was and remains an independet agency represents, for Grapefruit partners, many multinational companies, a benefit.

We were fast, flexible and decisive in our activities. In the same time, independence came with a lot of work because, each moment, from the first date, but also during the relation, one must show to the client that he made the correct choice. The change was always a constant and the key of our success. Without it, we wouldn’t have had performed and we wouldn’t have been able to maintain long term partnerships. When we gave up branding, we focused our attention on user experience and development to differentiate on the market. At this moment, the development department is our main engine for growth and among the areas we are exploring now are: cross-platform mobile development, progressive web apps, chatbots, microservices, React Native, Node.js and others

Georgiana Dragomir © 2017 Paul Padurariu

One of the main pilars of Grapefruit remained the investment in the organizational culture, because Grapefruit’s essence resides in people. The agency has a team full of passion, that is up to date with the latest digital novelties and which considers inspiration comes from work and study in a relaxing work environment. In this context, new competencies were developed in order to anticipate and satisfy clients’ needs and, through this approach, there were achieved clear results and a transformation into an agency with a long term thinking.

In order to create a new leaders agency, we developed within our company Outgrow Yourself Programme, a management program aiming to create new leadership opportunities both for employees and also to allow the leaders to develop new competencies

Anca Teletin,

Chief Operations Officer Grapefruit

For Picard, our own product, this year is an evaluation year during which we want to validate the business model and the results it brings to the clients. We will see, at the end of the year, if we are on the right way or if we will pivot in another direction

Alecsandru Grigoriu,

Product Owner Grapefruit

If Grapefruit managed last year to go over the Euro 1M turnover mark, the representatives of the agency aim, for this year, for sustainable growth and set a target of Euro 1,25M. Over Euro 750,000 were generated during the first 8 months of the year, representing over 60% of the target. The strategy is the investment in the organizational culture and in developing work methodologies so that agency’s people to bring as much value as possible to the clients, value that is transformed in revenue.

Grapefruit is working with partners like Philip Morris, Dacia, Renault, Nissan, Nestlé, Alpha Bank, CEZ, Garanti Bank, E-distributie, Globalworth, Expur, RCI Finance, Maggi, Nestlé Baby and many others.

The capacity and rapidity with which a digital agency can assimilate new info and replace the irrelevant ones makes the difference. From this reason, Grapefruit bets mainly on flexibility and adaptability and will continue to deliver the best results, to perform and satisfy the needs of each client, no matter the changes that will come in digital because, in essence, people are the change.