Romanian Advertising Council (RAC) – 20 years of self-regulation in advertising

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Romanian Advertising Council – RAC, self-regulatory body of Romanian advertising industry, is celebrating this year 20 years of activity.

To mark the moment, RAC Anniversary Gala is scheduled to take place on September 24th. The event will gather together local and international partners, international experts in advertising self-regulation and RAC specialists. Together, they will review the key moments of the 20 years of making formal and mediate ethics in commercial communication. The host of the evening is Andi Moisescu.

Self-regulation in advertising has a more and more visible positive influence and the industry proves to be stable from the perspective of respecting the principle of commercial communication, as they are formulated within RAC Code. This year is an anniversary one, there are 20 years since we are representing self-regulation in Romanian commercial communication and all our actions until now will communicate with an anniversary event to which we will enjoy the presence of renown guests and speakers from our European-mother network (European Alliance of Advertising Standards – EASA), real international experts in sefl-regulation in advertising

Oana Cociasu,

President RAC 

RAC aims to continue expanding its actions towards prevention, with Copy Advice service that provides consultancy and recommendations. In the same time, it will propose on the discussions agenda key-subjects like ethical communication in digital environment, including native advertising in self-regulation eco-system or adopting the norms of the new European directive for audiovisual media services.