Samsung launches the first AR poetry book for kids – „Selfie with the elfins” in Romania

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The augmented reality and the new technologies are more and more present in the editorial world,multiplying the ways in which one can read and understand a text, through which one can enter the world of some characters or stories.

Samsung Romania launches this autumn a captivating experience with dARe by Samsung: Selfie cu elfii (Selfie with the elfins), the first poetry book for children, in augmented reality in Romania. The new book, signed by Carmen Tiderle, represents an initiative of supporting the smart technology consumption that proves that the universe of the printed books doesn’t disappear in the Internet and the multitude of devices’ world, out of the contrary, the tandem book-technology can function harmoniously, in a complementary and innovating manner.

Each illustration in the book can be scanned with dARe by Samsung, enriching the lecture experience of the small and big ones and encouraging the bonding between the children and the parents, through the technology, but also the developing of the relationship between children and books.

the joy of reading and discovering new virtual adventures can be experimented with the help of the app dARe by Samsung, a partner for urban and cultural events and facilitator of the augmented experiences that illustrates how art and technology can intertwine and create experiences in AR.

We are glad that we had the opportunity to contribute to the creation of ludic and innovative experiences: the first poetry book in AR for kids,in Romania. Technology plays a more and more important role in the early education. Therefore, as a technology leader, we wanted to support parents’ efforts in spending as much quality time as possible with their children, in a creative manner, using elements from the latest technology.We are convinced that this interaction manner will represent a joy for the entire family,” said Livia Fericean, Corporate Citizenship & Public Affairs Manager Samsung.

The book is an imagination project initiated by Samsung Romania and the book was published by the Vellant house printing, under Carmen Tiderle’s signature. The illustration and the layout are created by Vali Petridean, while the animations are amplified by One Night Gallery and are the work of Tudor Calnegru.

When I received the proposal from Samsung for writing <<children poetry with rhyme, funny, in your style», but about technology, I was a little bit afraid that it’s a subject that I know too few about compared to my public: the children. I surpassed it, through, fast, because I did what I always do: trying to search theme from their perspective. And then, I add, from my experience as a grown-up. This is how the cat Zet for which the technology has no secret, the elk Moose that sends electric cars into the space, the lions that order food online, the unicorns and the selfie willing elfins came up. When it comes to the wow of this book, the fact that we can see the augmented illustrations with the help of the dARe by Samsung app, it is not just an artifice, but a manner of making the children read through the technology. It’s OMG! that while you are reading a book to be able to also see the movie!”, said Carmen Tiderle.

The dARe by Samsung  app can be downloaded for free on  Google Play and Apple Store, while the book can be bought in the Carturesti book shops, being bought directly in the app or the website of the Vellant publishing.

The book launch event will be on Saturday, October 12th, 11.00, at Carturesti Verona.