GPeC study: Romanians spend the most online for holidays / tourism and electronics / appliances

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GPeC Summit and its partners from iSense Solutions launched the first results of the annual study e-Commerce on the Romanian market. GPeC unveiled a few of the most important information regarding Romanians’ consumption habits on e-commerce websites.

The study presents the evolution of the market during the last 3 years and is representative for the urban areas, where the transactions volume is significant in order to make the study. From year to year, the number of Romanians buying online increases, and there were 27% more Romanians buying products and services online at least once a month in 2019, compared to 2017. Compared to 2018, the increase was of 10%.

Each year, we analyze the changes in habits happening on e-commerce websites that commercialize products and services among Romanians. From one year to another, we notice constant growth of the market. We are especially interested to see the evolution in the number of people that access the e-commerce websites and which are the reasons why they prefer to buy online instead from physical stores. The market is favorable for opening new stores, but older brands, already known to the public, are preferred by Romanians (…)

Andrei Cânda,

Managing Partner iSense Solutions

The full results of the study will be unveiled at GPeC Summit, taking place on November 4-5 at National Theater in Bucharest.