IAA Romania announces the 2020’s MentorIAA and IAA School programs


In 2020, IAA Romania continues to consolidate its educational mission through its two programs: The IAA Marketing and Communication School and MentorIAA. Therefore, the advertising, communication and marketing passionate people of any level will be able to enter into an inter-generation educational dialogue, no matter their developing level.

The students (licence, master or PHD, with or at distance, from state institutions or private_ have dedicated two modules from the IAA School:

Students have a dedicated price  (500 eur + VAT) and the possibility to pay in installments. Therefore, compared to other educational costs, a module costs almost two thirds from the price of an university year and at its final the trainee gains a practical understanding, enriched by of the different types of marketing or media. Moreover, they will be part of a practicians’ professionals community, teachers and colleagues, and that will help them find the right job.

For those who are already experienced, but want to deepen their knowledge, the IAA School offers two modules:

Strategie de Marketing și Comunicare Digitală (Marketing and Digital Communication Strategy)– April 3rd- July 11th

Marketing și Comunicare Strategică (Strategic Marketing and Communication)– March 20th- July 11tth

Also,this year, IAA consolidated MentorIAA as well, a free mentorship program dedicated to those who study marketing and communication. MentorIAA represents a professional friendship relationship, from one to another, between a senior in the industry and a student, an exchange of real experiences, hobs, ideas. The objective of this program, completed by the series of MentorFEST discussions, is the supporting of the student’s educational path,by the business environment. In other words, the mentors entered in the program, the MentorFEST speakers and the organizers create a place in which the students are helped to be a bale to take conscious decisions and assumed regarding their future career.

The entrances in MentorIAA can be done here, for free.