Druid partners with Vonage to make available intelligent virtual assistants in WhatsApp

Business, Digital & Media, Start Up

Druid, specialized in developing virtual assistents (chatbots) for Entreprise type organizations, signed a technological partnership with Vonage, global leader for in cloud business solutions specialized in communication solutions like messanger, chat, social media, video or voice. Through this partnership, Druid’s chatbots will be capable to take orders and answer via WhatsApp.

The partnership between Druid and Vonage came as a result of an increased demand for chatbots capable to communicate via WhatsApp.

By integrating with WhatsApp Business API, a Druid chatbot will allow any employee, client, partner or supplier to discuss and exchange information with the internal systems within an organization (ERP, CRM, BI) via WhatsApp.

This partnership combines the power of API Vonage communication platform with the expertise of the platform developing and training intelligent virtual assistents, Druid, in order to help big organizations to improve, through digitalization, the consumers’ experience and financial performances

Mark Summerson,

Global VP API Partners, Vonage.

The partnership with Vonage represents a major step in our strategy positioning Druid as a modern conversational hub. Adding WhatsApp, with all the advantages related to security, localization or superior rate of delivering messages, will bring added value to all Enterprise organization that focus on innovation, hyper-customization, simplicity and comfort through technology

Daniel Bălăceanu,

Product Management Director Druid.