Serviceplan Suisse makes Surprise Magazine Street Vendors Visible with Billboard Kiosk

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Surprise has been supporting socially disadvantaged people with a number of different measures for over 20 years. Serviceplan Suisse’s new poster campaign is designed to help draw more attention to the street vendors of Surprise magazine.

Surprise, which is part of the International Network of Street Papers (INSP), offers socially disadvantaged people an opportunity to earn an income by selling the magazine. Over 400 vendors sell the magazine to readers every day.

In order to help them sell more magazines, Serviceplan Suisse decided to give them an even more eye- catching platform by using the posters in a completely new way. These “poster kiosks” are not just designed to draw attention to the vendors, but also to function as a point of sale.

“We are putting the focus on people with this campaign. Each Surprise vendor has their own moving story,” says Andreas Jahn, a member of the Marketing, Fundraising and Communication team at Surprise, about the campaign.

As part of #VendorWeek, a campaign launched by the INSP for its 9,000-plus street magazine vendors in 35 countries, Serviceplan Suisse turned several posters into Surprise kiosks. During #VendorWeek, the vendors can use the posters to sell more magazines. If there is no vendor at the point of sale, passers-by can scan a QR code to access profiles of the vendors and learn more about their stories.

The posters were in place from 3 to 9 February 2020 in areas with high footfall in Zurich’s city centre and Oerlikon and were provided by Clear Channel.



  • Andreas Jahn, Nicole Huwyler, Caroline Walpen (Marketing, Fundraising and Communication)

Serviceplan Suisse:

  • Raul Serrat – Executive Creative Director
  • Florian Birkner & Marcin Baba – Creative Directors
  • Moritz Lüth – Art Director
  • Günter Zumbach – Text
  • Kurt Bösiger – Motion design
  • Melissa Diday – consulting
  • Carmen Anderegg – Production Management)
  • Barbara Meier – DTP
  • Pam Hügli – overall responsibility

CSR initiative from Clear Channel: Non-profit organizations work with dedication, but often with modest resources. With the “poster for a good cause”, Clear Channel helps them raise awareness of their concerns.