Apollo Music Store to become Bopper

Advertising, Business, Media

Apollo Music Store, the only music platform built for the advertising industry, announced a new look and feel for its offering, as well as a new name.  Nearly three years after the sale of the parent company Apollo Studios, the firm has opted for its own designation and will become ‘’bopper’’, a reference to a common term in pop music.

We wanted the revamped brand name to illustrate how keenly the platform intends to become the go-to destination for brand content producers looking to meet their needs for a musical dimension (…) Moreover, the new look captures the relaxed and friendly feel to the business

Gabriel Bouchard,

Bopper’s President

Founded in 2013, Bopper is the only music discovery and licensing platform designed specifically for ad agencies, helping them to quickly use the creative work of top-end professional artists. It offers a quick and easy service, as well as a unique algorithm that allows a fair price to be determined given the artist’s reputation and the use of the musical score in an advertising context.

The platform is a solution that gives ad agencies the opportunity to secure the rights to a musical score instantly, offering immediate clearance, instead of a process that can drag on for over a month, since all licensing rights have been negotiated beforehand.  Bopper also guarantees that artists will receive fair compensation.

Over the coming months, ad agencies, video editors, movie trailer production houses and musical supervisors will discover new and improved features and services from bopper, making the acquisition of brand-name original music even faster and easier.

Interested organizations wanting to know about bopper’s services and the myriad ways in which obstacles to accessing licensed music from top-end artists can be removed, can visit the company’s website at www.boppermusic.com.