Romanian Modulab developed a prototype of desinfection robot

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The research and development lab Modulab Bucharest, a multi-disciplinary platform with over 10 years of experience in tech innovation, created the first functional prototype of autonomous desinfection robot, contactless, which uses UV-C radiation. Using UV-C radiation in destroying pathogenic agents was proved previously in several studies, including those fighting against Covid19.

Modulab team behind the desinfection robot developed the prototype in record time. The specialists adapted an autonomous transport robotic platform they already had built for intelligent deposits. The intelligent root can avoid fixed or mobile obstacles and can navigate over any surface fully autonomous or operated from distance.

Equipped with fluorescent UV-C tubes with high flux, the robot can destroy any virus, bacteria and fungi, as a consequence of UV radiation over their DNA and RNA. The created prototype is the result of the initial effort of Modulab to adapt the projects that it has running in order to contribute and stop the pandemic of SARS-COV-2.

We believe tech will offer most answers and solutions to the global situation which, a few months ago, we could not have imagined. Exactly the versatility of the technology allowed us to implement, in such a short time, a solution conceived and created for a completely different program, adapted of course to the dire requests of the actual context. Right now, we have a tested and functional prototype. If it is requested and interested investors exist, we are ready to produce it

Paul Popescu,

Founder Modulab.

Together with Agora Robotics, Modulab developed a complete solution for automatic robotic navigation, integrated with success in an industrial cleaning platform and in one for depot transportation.

The development of the first desinfection robot in Romania, using an already tested and  approved technology, was a normal step in the actual context related to the needs of the public institutions to desinfect autonomously big dimensions spaces and surfaces.