Romanian The Alternative School launches TalentBet, aiming to help companies affected by Covid19

Creativity, CSR, People

The Alternative School announced the launch of TalentBet, a pro-crisis solutions think tank for businesses and creatives.

Considering the current Covid19 pandemic, The Alternative School for Creative Thinking is launching, on May 5th, #TalentBet. The project aims to shape a new class of creatives, a new hierarchy, based exclusively on talent and competence and the capacity to have a fast and efficient reaction to stress and crisis by solving, guided by pros, briefs advanced by companies that are facing unprecedented situations.

#TalentBet will operate online, in groups of 12 creatives that will work on 4-6 briefs, with digital meetings twice a week. The duration of the experiment will be of three weeks. Depending on the evolution and interest of the industry, a new group can be formed in June.

The platform aims to organize a collective of brands that support task squads of young creatives ready to generate ideas and come up with original solutions for businesses with challenges during crisis periods.

The Alternative School offers to the companies a fresh eye and mind, a diverse approach over corona or crisis generated contexts, generally proposals on how challenges can become opportunities for business, new direction to relate with audiences. HR solutions are also an associated benefit, as the involvement in TalentBet represents an opportunity to recruit people who prove their creative intelligence on briefs generated by unmatched situations

For the creatives that adhere to TalentBet, the gain is represented by an updated portfolio, on challenging briefs, with the solutions achieved. An opportunity to show the powers, talent and impact in critical situations.

The personal branding platform MeAlchemy will also be activated. Through it, the competitors #TalentBet will received detailed personalized feedback related to the way they sell their competencies and are positioning within the industry, helping them to build an articulated, coherent and memorable presence. Job scouting efforts complete the package.

Gonzacenco (Publicis, Paris), Andrei Chirisi (NEXT/THREE), Alexandra Bombiță (CESI), Teodora Migdalovici (CannesLions/MEALCHEMY) are the first confirmed speakers and evaluators.

to define the last details for #TalentBet, aligned to needs, expectations and industry resources, marketers are invited to fill in a short questionnaire here, and the creatives – here.

The Alternative School for Creative Thinking is a creative MBA preparing and boosting for 16 years Romanian talent to international creative festivals