Sune Sorensen directs EPOS global launch campaign about a world full of whats

Advertising, Business, Marketing

Director Sune Sorensen creates a spot that urges us to cut through all the excess noise and endless streams of “whats”. In an ironic tone of voice, Sorensen depicts a series of unfortunate repercussions and misunderstandings derived from a world of far too many “whats”!

In a one-take esque extravaganza, the narrator glides through busy downtown business districts, as he illustrates just how many issues originate from poor communication in our daily lives. A subject matter that has never been more relevant, it seems. And as he arrives at the conclusion that “what” is holding us back, that it causes mistakes and takes time – the film takes a broader global look at just how severe these facts are. Albeit still with a smile.

Director Sune Sorensen:

“There was an exercise in communicating this message for a corporate market in a captivating way, without resorting to cheap thrills or losing sight of the message. My approach was to find inspiration in those explanatory parts of movies, called “exposition”, where a character has to explain something tricky or a backstory. Directors like Scorsese and Cameron have perfected the art of making this interesting and exciting – in the camera movement, timing, framing, character, acting etc. – and although we have no illusions of mimicking their abilities, we definitely drew inspiration”.

The film was shot in Los Angeles moments before it closed down due to Covid-19. It features the recognizable city streets and buildings of downtown LA, narrated by actor Johnny 3 Nutz. The spot
was developed by the award-winning Danish agency &Co.

Sorensen continues:

“No one could have predicted just how relevant this form of socially distanced communication would be by now. I guess in many ways, this is no longer “just” a corporate brand film but also reaches a broader sense of relevance to most people – including myself”. 

Demant A/S and Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co. KG, has previously announced that their joint venture; Sennheiser Communications A/S, will evolve in new set-ups. During 2020, the joint
venture will end and while the business segment of Mobile Music headsets will be part of the Sennheiser Consumer business in the future, Enterprise Solutions and Gaming headsets will
evolve as a new independent company, EPOS, under the global audio and hearing technology group Demant. EPOS will manufacture and sell the existing Sennheiser Communications portfolio
for Enterprises and Gaming co-branded as EPOS | SENNHEISER products, while also introducing a new EPOS branded portfolio.


  • Director: Sune Sorensen
  • DOP: Rasmus Heise
  • 1st AD: Christopher Bryson
  • Protagonist: Johnny 3 Nutz
  • Steadi: Flemming Layborn
  • Creative Director: Thomas Hoffmann
  • Senior Creative: Jeppe Hansen
  • Senior Art Director: Kasper Dohlmann
  • Account Manager: Anders Antvorskov
  • EP: Cille Silverwood
  • Producer: Cordula Weisz
  • Line Producer: Lars Ruch
  • Composer: Djarn Kargin
  • Sound Design: Mikkel Groos
  • Editor: Sune Sorensen
  • Colorist: Tim Stipan
  • Agency: &Co
  • Production: &Co Productions
  • Service Production: Verve Media
  • Post Production: Gimmick + Company 3