The Humblebrag launches an online leadership program and discussions to support a growing movement of new generation leaders – driving business as a force for good

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Today’s uncertain world needs new voices, new ideas and new leaders to rise up. At the same time, companies across all sectors are experiencing an abrupt drop in business due to the COVID-19 crisis – leaving both brands and individuals looking for new and effective ways to raise their profile.

To answer these needs, thought leadership agency, The Humblebrag is curating a series of informative discussions exploring our rapidly changing landscape, and has launched an online coaching course to help individuals define a bold vision of the future, craft their story, and amplify their voice – at a time when they need it most.

Purposeful leadership in the time of COVID-19 

Innovation is imperative not only to mitigate the adverse impact of the pandemic, but to rise to meet new possibilities. Every few weeks, The Humblebrag will host an interactive webinar featuring experts, innovators, and future leaders to explore the future of business and inspire change.

The first will be held on May 6th exploring ‘The Future of Fashion’ – speaking to leaders across the forefront of education, transparency, digital and sustainability to dissect the next steps for the industry to investigate how to approach rewiring a broken fashion system. Featuring Kerry Murphy, Founder of digital fashion house The Fabricant, Frank Michel, Executive Director, The ZDHC Foundation, Neliana Fuenmayor, Founder of A Transparent Company and Joanna Watson, Lecturer at Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI).

Additionally, each Friday an inspiring change-maker challenging the status quo is put in the spotlight over Instagram Live, featuring voices so far such as Nancy Poleon, Founder of BrandedU, and Mark Aink, Founder of Native Circles exploring topics such as female leadership, systems-change thinking, and building brand transparency and trust.

Positioning for People Changing The World 

As well as free inspirational talks, The Humblebrag has launched a four week coaching course for six individuals at a time – Positioning for People Changing The World’ –  to support more individuals and leaders to become recognized thought leaders by taking a stand on today’s most pressing issues.

This is a first of its kind programme designed to inspire and support individuals to define their personal vision and values, and activate their voice to become a brave and bold leader and follows the unique strategy developed by The Humblebrag.

Participants leave with their own personalized ‘Positioning Toolkit’ with success stories including Beth Massa, founder of circular waste solution Ozarka who has gone on to be featured in Forbes Magazine and Semra Celebi, female entrepreneurship lead at The City of Amsterdam, who has gone on to position and launch a business side-hustle called ‘female works.’

Founder, Lucy von Sturmer says:

“Stories have the power to change the world. We want to support people to take this time to reset; to reconnect with their values, and reimagine what business – and a new generation of leadership – can look like.”

“Understanding how to craft your story and position yourself in today’s market is a challenge for many – but it’s a vital skill to generate new opportunities in line with your values and mission. The movement of business as a force for good is rising – and my goal is to support more people to be braver and bolder in how they position themselves. Not to “become famous,” but to be visible to others to amplify their impact.”

Managing Partner Jessica Hartley says:

“We want to share some of what we’ve learned from decades of experience in the fields of creative PR and driving game changing campaigns with a wider audience. All of us – even the analogue-lovers amongst us – have found out during this period of lockdown, that digital is the channel to share motivation, inspiration and knowledge.”

In addition to this course, a suite of positioning, PR, thought leadership, and social media workshops are now available for businesses small and large.

The Humblebrag is an impact-driven thought leadership agency and editorial platform dedicated to amplifying the voices of change-makers and creative innovators.