Romanian platform: 70 PR, marketing and digital agencies offer over 2,000 hours of free consultancy to COVID19 hit companies

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Developed from Romanian marketing community’s desire to support the local business environment, is a platform that makes available to companies free services made available for free by agencies and consultants that are recognized on the market. Close to 70 agencies of PR, marketing and digital or business consultants that promised to offer, for free, over 2,000 work hours for companies that had businesses affected by is an initiative signed by Evensys, in collaboration with Doza de Comunicare, and is part of the communication know-how platform

Launched in the end of April, was conceived as a project aimed to help, through consultancy and clear marketing strategies, the business environment  from Romania that suffer as a result of the current crisis. In an uncertain period for many, the plaform helped already over 50 companies to receive a new perspective over the problems they deal with and valuable ideas on how they could invent their business.

Now, more then ever, we have to unite our forces to support the businesses dealing with difficulties. If we don’t help small companies and entrepreneurs that need us, they might not exist any-longer in a few months. No matter the talk is about the shop with favorite products or a loved motel at the country side, an events photographer friend or the small fresh fruits and vegetables producer, the fact that PR, marketing and digital agencies are giving from their time will indirectly contribute to diminishing the effects of the economic crisis that will hit us all after the pandemic

Andra Iacob,

Project Manager and Co-owner Doza de Comunicare.

Big companies have resources and very clear strategies for crisis periods. Still, they never prepared for a crisis like the one we are living right now. They need now a bigger infusion of ideas, validations and new tactics. In the same time, small businesses didn’t imagine ever that they will be effectively blown off the market and saw how, over night, they loose everything they have built. Being between depression and uselessness, they need now a creativity and efficiency boost in all they do in order to keep themselves floating. No matter their needs, both big and small companies will find support from the agencies that are close to us

Cristian Manafu,

Project Manager & Managing Director Evensys.

Entrepreneurs, small or big companies that need help can enroll on for the occasion to receive the useful advice from specialized agencies in order to reinvent and successfully get out of the crisis. Agencies continue to be welcomed to enroll and lend a helping hand to the companies that are in difficulty.

With 14 years of experience in developing own conferences and seminaries, Evensys ( is organizing a large range of events that approach actual and relevant themes for the local and CEE business environment. Evensys develops own conferences and seminaries that cover 6 areas of expertize: Marketing & comunication, Tech & Social Media, Financial & Investments, Human Resources and Fleet Management & Facility Management. is a virtual boutique for discussions about storytelling, PR, marketing, social media, advertising and journalism. Behind the project are passionate people spread all over Romania