European certification authority InfoCert enters the Romanian market

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InfoCert (Tinexta Group), European certification authority, announced the opening of an office in Romania, aimed to help developing the local market, considered to have a high potential when it comes of digitalization. The decision is part of company’s international expansion plan, that focuses mainly on Eastern Europe, where the company is already active in Slovenia, Croatia, Poalnd and Hungary.

The digital market in Romania is one of the most dynamic and fast growing in Eastern Europe, being based on one of the most developed and innovative banking sectors in the area and with a historic presence of the main European banking groups, who are already InfoCert clients.

On the Romanian market, InfoCert offers the best and last generation services and digital solutions to insure trust; InfoCert solutions are based on the most recent tech and respect the european regulations and the Romanian legal framework and are able to satisfy the more and more complex needs of the clients.

More then ever, the solutions to close digital transactions with full juridical value – such are digital signature and digital conservation – proved to be fundamental for those who have to manage and promote their business from afar.

We are by far the biggest provider of services to insure trust in Europe and our clients are appreciating us for the capacity to make “pragmatic” their digital transformation. This is already happening in Romania, a market with high growth potential. We have ambitious objectives and we are convinced that we will achieve them, also, due to the competence and enthusiasm of a manager like Adrian Moraru, that we appointed as our sales director in Romania

Michele Lavizzari,

International Development Director InfoCert (Tinexta Group)

I am convinced Romania will appreciate the quality and certainty of the trust offered by InfoCert, especially in a historical period like the current one, when their added value is even more obvious (…) It is significant the interest of the banking and financial sectors for the solutions dedicated to digital integration and instant crediting for the clients. It is an area we already have high references: national branches for global credit companies. In the same time, contacts and promising discussions are already on the way with different companies from insurance, health and utilities sectors

Adrian Moraru,

Sales Director InfoCert Romania