Romanian investor Calin Fusu (Neogen Capital) funded with €500,000 in a platform facilitating online sessions with specialists 

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Neogen Capital investment fund is investing €500,000 and BestJobs expertize in developing, an integrated platform connecting user with specialists from different sectors, like therapists, lawyers or life coaches. Developing the platform started in august 2019, it extended its operational team this year and consolidated different services.

At the moment, Avocado makes available services like life & business coaching, legal consultancy or psychoterapi, and will expand soon with other types of experts, like business mentors, marketing consultants and nutritionists.

At Neogen Capital, we are investing only in what we are good at and projects that are generally marketplace during the last period, category where Avocado fits, as it covers services offered with help from freelancers and consultants. Digital – non-digital barrier gets thinner and thinner, which means tech brings easier close to people different services which, traditionally, could not be accessed digitally

Calin Fusu,

Entrepreneur & Founder Neogen and BestJobs – recruiting platform. targets both people in need for a specialist and companies who want to offer subscriptions like that to their employees, as extra-salary benefit

Both on personal and business scale, each of us meets, a certain moment, uncertainties and challenges. A good specialist is that partner that assists us to find solutions good to apply in practice. At Avocado, our dream is to bring specialized consultation closer to people and down geographical barriers, through the power of technology

Annemarie Fabian,

Business Manager Avocado

Avocado offers life & business coaching services since december 2019, it has now over 50 life coaching specialists and over 200 individual coaching sessions. Also, the legal consults and psychotherapy services are available starting June 15.

The need for such a service was existing for a while on the Romanian market, following already tested and validated models on international scale, and was accentuated by the Covid pandemic.

We chose Avocado because it is a new tool on the market, it has a future and is of big help during those times. For us, it was important to give this instrument to a whole team in order to support common objectives, team ones, besides the individual ones. Coaches are professionals, with experience and that can handle well the online environment. It is a very good and suited instrument for the teams working remotely or for teams in the country

Alexandra Sucioaia,

Senior Learning Architect Carrefour România (that uses Avocado’s services since the start of the year) is supported by the 18 years expertize of BestJobs.

The current situation brought and brings changes at the work market level. People need guidance and, probably, after the crisis, companies will need new benefits to attract and keep their talents. Building a platform that brings consultants and experts closer to people is one through which BestJobs expands its impact, with the desire to serve and avoid changes on the work market

Dan Puică,

CEO BestJobs start-up focuses for now on the Romanian market and also has a few international specialists that can be accessed on the platform. Its future plans also include expansion at European level.