Dan Puica, BestJobs CEO, takes over the management of Avocado.red platform

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Dan Puica, CEO of the Romanian recruiting platform BestJobs, takes over the leadership for the startup-ul Avocado.red, in which Neogen Capital, leaded by Calin Fusu, invested until now a half million euro.

Puica took over as CEO at BestJobs in March 2019, with mandate to manage the development plan for the company and contribute to its long term growth. He was the 1st manager that took over the management of the recruiting platform from Calin Fusu, who founded BestJobs in 2001 and lead its operations for 18 years.

Present situation brought and is bringing serious changes at the entire economy’s level, and online will have a crucial role in the development of societies as whole. People have a stronger and stronger internet need, either to find a work place or to run their activity, either to be counseled in career or in making important decisions. In this context, the 2 companies I am managing have together a very high growth potential, with many important points in common and an extremely strong online component, which will insure them a very solid base for ulterior development. As BestJobs grew a lot during the last few years, Avocado will also be able to develop strongly based on the relevant experience in developing online platforms the entire team has

Dan Puică,

CEO BestJobs & Avocado

Dan Puica started his careed in the financial sector with KPMG Romania and occupied several management positions in Romanian and international companies. Before being appointed CEO at BestJobs, he was part of OLX Group, where he started as Finance Manager