Affectv becomes Hybrid Theory, with a pledge to direct data to marketers’ toughest challenges

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Award-winning digital service partner Affectv relaunches as Hybrid Theory, a new breed of ad-tech company for a new era of challenges. In addition to its proven strengths in data-driven advertising, the rebranded business, with offices on four continents, answers a call from agencies and brands to bring media-honed data insight to answer the industry’s strategic marketing needs.

With a proprietary data pool that provides access to 90% of the online population, as well as a dynamic creative engine to contextualize advertising in real-time, Hybrid Theory has an unmatched record in delivering data advice, hands-on support and independent managed execution. The unparalleled reach and insight of the company’s data capability will also see Hybrid Theory expand into a future-facing role of broader strategic problem-solving for brands and agencies.

The relaunch of the nine-year-old business comes as the marketing industry faces a perfect storm of challenges, including the ongoing effects of the pandemic crisis, the imminent demise of cookie-based targeting and the widely-reported decline of trust in advertising among advertisers, publishers and audiences.

Hybrid Theory believes the ad-tech sector is well-positioned to guide clients through the inevitable trials of the coming years. Alongside its award-winning trading team, Hybrid Theory marshals a global team of planners, product specialists and data scientists. In addition to innovations in end-to-end tracking of digital journeys, Hybrid Theory is using its data capabilities to incorporate cookieless tracking, as well as contextual methods to ensure results, as the industry moves away from third-party cookies.

Hybrid Theory’s flexible partnership model also represents a timely alternative for a binary digital landscape, bridging in-housing and outsourcing to offer the hands-on collaboration that clients need, and easing the load on marketing teams depleted by pressure on resources.

In recognition of the fact that many parts of the industry are in need of reform, Hybrid Theory is working with industry bodies to coordinate efforts to break down silos between vendors, fuel collaboration between suppliers and partners and drive greater transparency in campaign and audience reporting.

Patrick Johnson, CEO and Chairman, Hybrid Theory said: “We have been applying our data-driven capabilities to digital media delivery for many years, but have listened and our clients need more. Brands now want to understand an online audience in real-time, have the ability to differentiate against peers and feed what they learn into their broader marketing strategy. What sets us apart is that we can take our real-time understanding of an online population and set that against a client’s wider marketing goals. We are on a journey to evolve from solving digital media problems to solving more strategic marketing challenges.”

Hybrid Theory has offices in London, New York, Boston, Barcelona, Hong Kong, Singapore and Sydney, and the new brand is rolled out globally.

The new brand identity was created and executed by London based design agency Fluoro.

Partner of HT, Permutive’s Co-founder and CEO Joe Root said: “The close partnership between Hybrid Theory and Permutive has allowed both sides to take their client offering and technology to the next level. By using Permutive, Hybrid Theory have been able to engage client audiences with targeted advertising at scale. At Permutive, we value our collaboration with Hybrid Theory strongly and look forward to what our continued partnership brings to both sides”

Ray Jenkin, CEO North America, Hybrid Theory said: “At Hybrid Theory we are rapidly growing and expanding throughout North America, and our new brand is the next step in our journey. We have a new agile way of working at Hybrid Theory which is essential to our clients’ success. In such an often overly complex industry, it is key to have open effective communication that will lead to true partnerships and that is exactly what we do, through a hybrid approach.”

Hybrid Theory is a digital services partner for brands and agencies, offering flexible advice, hands-on support and independently managed programmatic media execution. It harnesses the best combinations of proprietary data, technology and talent to power smarter, data-driven advertising across the full customer journey. Founded in 2011, Hybrid Theory has expanded internationally with presence in the UK, the US, Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong. Hybrid Theory was the first company to receive third-party verification of anti-fraud good practise principles from JICWEBS. It has won several awards for its work and its unique, user-centric and holistic approach to finding new customers.