Evensys organizes a new virtual event, dedicated to visual content creators

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Visual communication is prefered by social media users and brands active in marketing and communication which follow today’s trends. Over 80% marketing specialists are counting on visual in their social media campaigns and all social platforms, from the oldest ones (Facebook, Instagram) to the recently popualr one TikTok and made a long term bet on visual content.

As it is a daily need to keep updated on trends to remain relevant as brand or creator of content, on July 15th, Evensys organizes Visualfest 2020 – the most important event of visual content creators in Romania, a celebration of visual communication which will bring on the stage people that changed  the rules of the game, in order to offer inspiration moments, valuable know-how and useful information about efficient communication.

Among the speakers at the first edition of the event are Andra Gogan (Content Creator & Choreographer), Horia Sarghi (Entertainer, Zaiafet), Laura Savu (Global Community Manager, Tiktok), Sorin Sfetcu (Seed Manager, Google), Ioana Puiu (Content Creator), Marian Ionescu (Blogger & Vlogger, Mariciu.ro), Costin Cocioaba (Influencer Marketing Manager, 2Performant.com), Iulia Ionescu (Content Creator & TV Presenter), Mih Lovin (Partner, Creative VR), Ovidiu Muresanu (Content Creator & Founder, The Stories Of O.).

Participation is free, with registration on www.visualfest.ro.

Visualfest 2020 is organized by Evensys in aprtnership with Maresi Group and support from Banca Transilvania, Gelato Madre, Oppo, Finn Crisp, Laptele Maresi and YO.

Visualfest 2020 is the third Evensys event taking place 100% virtually, which will take place online for the duration of a classical one day conference, with sessions, pauses, speakers on stage and new content formats, but without physical audience. The event take place under the concept of Contactless Conferences, approach that considers the social distancing and safety rules, from staff to speakers and partners