Need A Haircut? What would Happen if Hairdressers Only Did Half Their Job? The Double Agent Campaign for Continues.


Created by Neil A Dawson & Company, the inaugural integrated brand campaign for property market disruptor was launched in March.

Now the Double Agent campaign continues with further TV, plus new radio and outdoor executions being aired and running across London.

Continuing with the use of humour, the new executions highlight’s unique double offering and show what it would be like if other professions worked in the way that some ordinary estate agents do.

The TV execution, ‘Midwife’ (due to run in March but was paused due to Covid-19) we see an expecting Mother and Father abandoned at the most crucial point of labour.

Outdoor ‘Half Job Hairdresser’ was specially created to coincide with the welcome opening of the nation’s hairdressers, and everyone rushing to get a long overdue haircut.  It depicts the disastrous result if hairdressers only did half their job.

Radio executions ‘Half Job Pilot’, ‘Half Job Football Announcer’’ and ‘Half Job Weather Forecaster’ implement the same creative strategy.

Executive Creative Director, Neil Dawson commented: “Nested’s simple and powerful position allows one to create impactful executions really swiftly, the Hairdresser execution is a great tactical example of the Double Agent campaign”.

The Double Agent campaign communicates Nested’s unique positioning – the only estate agent to sell your house and then negotiate the purchase of your new home.

Founded in 2019, Neil A Dawson & Co was created to deliver brand communications with a difference: a creatively led company that offers clients direct access to world class strategic and creative talent. Big agency thinking without the bureaucracy and inherent costs of normal agencies. Other clients include ASICS, Pernod Ricard, and The Imperial War Museum.