Druid’s chatbots to be used by Romanian courier Fan Courier to boost digital interaction with clients

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Druid, specialized in developing chatbots for Entreprise type organizations, signed a partnership with Fan Courier, leader on the courier market in Romania, with the latest to adopt Druid technology to develop chatbots and diversify the digital channels to communicate with clients.

The partnership includes a FAQ-type chatbot, hosted on Fan Courier website, but which will be accessible also via Facebook Messenger. The new virtual assistant will be available for clients in less then a month. In a second stage, the support will be extended towards SelfAWB clients.

Fan Courier is constant in Romania’s top brands, a company developed with a lot of passion, which knew to fast adapt to market’s changes. The online commerce, one of the main engines for growth for courier industry, sped up during the last months, due to the measures imposed to temporary suspend the activity of many retailers. I am happy we partner with a mature company which, after modernizing its auto fleet in 2019, it approaches also a digital modernization in its interaction with the clients

Liviu Dragan,

CEO Druid

Druid is the only company in Romania specialized in developing chatbots and one of the few international companies that cover  all types of implementations – cloud, hybrid or on-premise